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Meghan Markle to Beat Kate Middleton By Bringing $677 Million Into The British Fashion Industry

The world turned their attention to the Prince Harry’s girl, Meghan Markle when he proposed to her last year. People started searching her name to find out who she really is. However, one of the most common reasons why people want to know more about her is for them to be able to compare her to the Duchess herself, who is also considered to be a commoner after being just an ordinary girl marrying a prince.

People continue to find similarities and differences between the two, but people seem to really compare their fashion influence because the princes’ mother, the late Princess Diana, was a fashion icon herself. However, Markle seems to be dominating the list of the royal fashion influencers, and she hasn’t even gotten married yet, continue reading to find out more.


According to fashion analysts, the future royalty is indeed taking over the world of fashion even before she gets married this year to Prince Harry. Lyst just released their 2017 Fashion roundup and Markle managed to snag the 4th spot while Duchess of Cambridge came up just behind her at the 5th spot.

Lyst said that their reason for putting Markle on the 4th spot is because she has managed to prove her royal style credentials even before getting engaged and more so after that, such as wearing British brands like Burberry, Barbour, and Hunter. Other than that, she has managed to boost the sales of lesser known brands like Finlay and Co. as well as Misha Nonoo after wearing their clothing a couple of times.

The Duchess of Cambridge on the other hand still manages to strive for sophistication which is expected for a royal and continue to spark a demand worldwide after wearing luxury brands like Dolce and Gabbana, who admitted to having been selling out dresses similar to what Kate has been wearing. The Duchess is expecting her third child and still manages to woo the public by still being fashionable. Lyst is known for listing fashion influencers every year just like last year’s number one, Rihanna, who was followed by Selena Gomez and model Gigi Hadid.

The Meghan effect

The fashion industry simply loves royals, and incoming royalties, this because they set to be one of the most influential people. Just like the late Princess Diana, who has been considered as one of the most influential royal icons when it comes to fashion, her daughter-in-law Kate and future daughter-in-law Meghan has taken over this generation’s fashion world. The Duchess was reported to have driven the British fashion industry to billions of dollars every single year since 2012, but according to analysts, Meghan may dominate the fashion industry with more money, even before she says ‘I do’ to Prince Harry this May.

The 36-year-old American actress fascinated thousands of people already, both in her home country, in Canada, as well as the British crowd. Every single thing she wears goes on the trending news and that delivers millions for the British economy of course. According to Forbes, the future royalty could rake an estimate of $677 million right before she gets married.

This also happened in 2011 with the Duchess Effect or the Kate Effect, wherein people from all over the world basically set their eyes on whatever Kate would wear from head to toe and no matter what it is, it would immediately become a trend overnight. However, fashion analysts believe that Kate and Meghan have different styles when it comes to fashion since the Duchess is presenting more of a pretty and sophisticated style, Meghan is more on the modern but still classy side.

Then again, despite how people compare Meghan and Kate, they will be family soon as royal sisters-in-law. Kate was ecstatic when she found out about Prince Harry’s engagement with Markle last November. The Duchess, along with husband, Prince William, even released a statement regarding the news saying that they are indeed very excited for the engaged couple and was glad that they are both very happy. Kate also mentioned that she was absolutely thrilled over the news and simply can’t wait for the upcoming royal wedding, which is set to happen on May 2018 at the St. George Chaple at Windsor Castle.

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