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Recently Discovered Rembrandt Painting Sells In Auction For $1 Million

Paintings are extremely expensive not just because it is something that is very difficult to do and talent, finesse, and style should be present at all times, because it is painted by one of the most celebrated painters in history, and most of all, because of the memories that it holds. One of the most famous painters in this world is Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso, and the Dutch painter Rembrandt. Their paintings witnessed a lot of happenings in this world, which is why if someone happens to find a painting by one of the greatest painters of all time, they would definitely get a huge amount of money out of it if they choose to sell it in an auction. Just like what happened last week with the three brothers from New Jersey, who had no idea that they have a $1M worth of painting which was by Rembrandt, continue reading to find out more.

Unforgettable masterpieces

Dubbed as one of the greatest visual artist of all time and the most significant artist in the Dutch history, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn was known for his wide range of style when it comes to paintings especially with portraits, genre scenes, landscapes, allegorical as well as biblical and mythological subjects. However, Rembrandt’s self-portraits are widely known because of his unusual form that intimates the biography but his biggest contribution to the history of art is his unique way of transforming the etching process.

Rembrandt basically made a new reproductive technique and this was why he was considered to be the greatest etcher. Even Vincent was Gogh was impressed by his uniqueness, he even wrote how the Dutch painter goes in really deep into such mysterious depth wherein he simply cannot describe it, it truly can be considered as magic which was why they dubbed Rembrandt as a magician.

His notable works are the Bathsheba at Her Bath, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolas Tulp, Belshazzar’s Feast, Syndics of the Drapers’ Guild, The Night Watch, and of course the etching of the Hundred Guilder Print.

Lost painting found in New Jersey

Who would’ve thought that there would be a Rembrandt painting hiding under a ping-pong table inside the basement of a house in New Jersey? Ned, Roger and Steven Landau never really expected that a Rembrandt painting would be in their possession. The brothers from New Jersey said that when their mother dies, they kept some of her belongings instead of throwing them out or giving them away from such as a silver set, as well as a small painting that they grew up seeing in their dining room.

In an interview with the Fox Business show “Strange Inheritance”, Ned Landau said that he has always wondered why a painting of a woman who seemed to be sick laying on the chair with two other people looking as if they were trying to revive her, is hanging in their dining room for as long as he can remember. Then again, it was his brother Roger, who was the one organizing their stuff in the basement to get appraised. Roger then contacted an estate appraise named John Nye, who said that the silver pieces from the Landau’s mother’s silver set were worth a couple of thousand dollars, while the painting was most likely to be just a couple of hundred. He mentioned how the painting had varnish on it and it’s not exactly a painting that would be considered to be pleasing to the eyes and that the people from the painting weren’t really remarkable.

What is one painting worth?

Until in 2015, when it was auctioned off and the Landau brothers didn’t really bother going there since they didn’t exactly know that the painting that they grew up with would be worth a million dollars because it was painted by one of the greatest artists of all time. German and French buyers were said to be fighting for it until one of them gave up and in the end, it was bought by the German buyer for $1.1 million, he was also the one who revealed that the painting was Rembrandt’s The Unconscious Patient.

The buyer said that he has spent his life trying to find this painting of the Dutch artist. The Landau brothers’ then said that it was their grandfather who purchased the painting during the Great Depression, obviously, neither their grandfather and the seller at that time didn’t have any idea that this painting was truly remarkable.

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