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A Gamer Was Played! Professional Fornite Player, TFue, Sues His Esports Team Over Onerous Contract

In today’s generation, there seems to have several lawsuits filled. From companies using a celebrity’s persona to sell copycat outfits, famous stars posting paparazzi photos without their consent, to financial services naming a baby in a television ad after a well-known superstar.

Tfue vs. FaZe Clan

The esports industry is part of the trend too. One of the YouTube world’s prominent gamers Turner Tenny is filling a legal complaint against his team, FaZe Clan. His claims declare that the gaming organization is fencing him from numerous potential business opportunities.

Tenny’s Career

Ricky Banks recruited Turner Tenny to join FaZa Banks on April 30, 2018

Turner Ellis Turney, 21, most commonly known in his alias, Tfue, started his gaming career on Twitch with the game Z1 Battle Royale. Tfue got his big break when he transitioned into playing Fortnite Battle Royale. On April 30, 2018, his friend Ricky Banks, also known as FaZe Banks, encouraged him into signing a partnership with his professional esporst organization, FaZe Clan.

From the day forward, Tfue’s viewer count and subscribers on YouTube and Twitch rose drastically. The young gamer now has more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube and dominated several Fortnite tournaments.

TFue has so far gained more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube

Despite the seemingly good relationship between Tfue and FaZe clan, there’s an alleged contract breach and unethical business practices. Tenny’s legal team is accusing FaZe Clan on limiting Tfue from considering better deals that FaZe clan doesn’t approve. Probably, that is because the potential sponsorship doesn’t have the eighty percent finder’s fee benefit for FaZe clan, as per Tenny’s lawyers.

Ricky Banks and his company didn’t respond to Tenny’s claims yet but opened up about being shocked and dismayed on Twitter. FaZe Clan also stated that they have only collected a total of $60,000 from their tie-up with Tfue.

In addition to the claims, Tfue also admitted into being forced to do death-defying stunts for the sake of producing YouTube content. He also added that they were given intoxicating alcohol as minors and mandated to live in a house in Beverly Hills with the other players.

FaZe Clan falsified that statement and said that Tfue and their other talents did the stunts in their own will and was never pressured to do so. They even said that Tfue is the one provoking the others to perform such dangerous tricks.

Tfue said that he was forced to stay in FaZe Clan’s staff house in Hollywood Hills and do dangerous stunts just for Youtube content

Let’s Hope for the Best!

Many influential online personalities and famous gamers worry that the lawsuit will affect the world’s perception with esports. However, most prominent Twitch streamer Hershel Beahm, known as Dr. Disrespect supported Tenny and said that he must listen to his legal team and push through the complaints.

Another famed gamer on Twitch, Tyler Blevins a.k.a. Ninja gave Tenny a piece of advice. He told Tenny never agree to sign an agreement that binds him for more than a year with an organization unless there is a strong foundation between them or the company offers him a million dollar arrangement.

As the esports industry grows, everyone is hoping for clearer and fairer terms and conditions that are favorable for both talents and agencies.

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