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Ever Wondered How Neil Patrick Harris Built His Fortune? The Answer Might Surprise You

A lot of people only got familiar with the name Neil Patrick Harris from the popular television series “How I Met Your Mother.” Well, acting is just one of the things that have generated about $40 million net worth for the multitalented guy.

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Right from the beginning of his career, he has been very vast in the entertainment industry and has earned quite a lot of money.

So we take a look at all the activities the 45 years old partook in to become the multimillionaire that he is today.

Acting And Television Career

Apart from his role in “How I Met Your Mother” where he was paid $400,000 for each episode, Harris has also featured in a number of television series like “American Horror Story, Glee, and Doggie Howser M.D.”

The “How I Met our Mother” series is one that has accounted for most of the riches that Harris got from acting with a healthy payment of $400,000 per episode for the show.

Although he earned more money from “How I Met Your Mother” than other series, and in 2014 he made a whopping $18 million from the series.

Till date, Harris still gets royalties from all of these series he had been part of, and this is a huge part of his massive net worth.

His Singing Talent

Mike Harris bagged himself an award in 2014 with the role he took part of in the successful Broadway show. He was said to have taken home a lot of cash from the show which was very popular for him displaying is singing talent and abilities.

Emcees Of Huge Shows

Being a famous face in the Hollywood industry, Harris gets a lot of emcee offers from which he earns a lot of money. Over the years, some of the shows that he had emceed include the Tony Awards, which he did for four different occasions.

He has also emceed the Emmy Awards twice, and in 2015 he emceed the Oscar awards. It is believed that all of these would have earned him close to a million dollars, if not more.

Endorsement Deals

Like most celebrities today, Mike Harris is also a beneficiary of several endorsement deals. Notable ones include Heineken and American Airlines.

Harris has represented various brands over the years, notable ones include Heineken and American Airlines.

Forbes ranked him as the 4th most paid actor a few years back, and although the figures he earns from these deals are undisclosed, we all know that the sum will be very healthy. His contract with Heineken is said to run for 18 months.

He also helped in the promotion of other brands like Axe, Old Spice, and Neuro Sleep.

Author Of Bestsellers

Finally, Harris has made is name as an author too with is autobiography book becoming one of New York’s best seller in 2014. He has gone on to write more books after then, from which he has generated a lot of income.

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