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Rihanna Inspired Many Famous Personalities in Her Personal Views About Work-Life Balance


America’s social networking and online news service Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Even the United States of America’s president, Donald Trump is fond of this networking site.

Trump is undeniably an avid user of the platform. He joined Twitter in March 2009 and has posted about 40,000 tweets since then. In a span of ten years, Trump has only liked eight tweets from other users. So, whenever he hits that Fave button, it surely catches everyone’s attention!

Donald Trump Liked Heben Nigatu’s Tweet at 12:40 in the Morning

People can’t stop talking about the recent Twitter activity on President Donald Trump’s official Twitter account. Aside from the fact that he rarely shows appreciation on other people’s posts, the content of the tweet is rather compelling.

Critics can’t find a link on how Donald Trump may accidentally come across Heben Nigatu’s tweet

The Buzzfeed host and writer Heben Nigatu tweeted about the positive impact Rihanna’s interview has brought to her. Nigatu is all-heads-nodded-in-agreement with Rihanna’s statement on how important life-work balance is. Perhaps, the thumbs-up is Trump’s way of nodding his head too?

The U.S. president isn’t Twitter users’ favorite. He has received a lot of bashing over the internet, and Trump has sometimes been provoking the critics on his tweets as well. Others are thinking that Trump was in a vulnerable state when he saw Nigatu’s tweet, and he possibly relates to the context.

Rihanna’s Piece of Advice

Rihanna always makes sure that she has time for relaxation despite being super busy

Rihanna is well-known not only in the music industry but also in the business world. She shared her opinion about making time for herself despite the busy schedule. In her interview, she pinpointed the importance of working on her career to making her happy instead of it feeling like a burden. She also highlighted the significance of having personal days off to unwind and take care of her mental health.

A Cry For Help?

President Donald Trump liked a tweet about Rihanna’s work-life balance statement and then “unliked” it afterward

President Trump has always been transparent on his feelings about his career as well. As strong as his personality is, he is still a human being with human feelings. He famously called the White House a dump and expressed his doubts that he may not be doing great with his job. Twitter audiences are starting to think that maybe, the tweet hit some of the president’s hidden emotions that he’s been trying to hide behind his egotistic mask.

It is not far from being possible. After all, being alone in the big White House with lots of worldwide delicate matters to handle, can definitely take a toll on anyone’s happiness. With the world on his shoulder, a few days off sound great, right?

There is no confirmation if President Donald Trump is the one responsible for liking the tweet. It could be the White House social media director Dan Scavino or any other staff, who has access to his twitter account. Either way, it seems like someone needs a vacation leave.

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