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Get a Chance to Work at the Palace as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Now Offer a Great Job Opportunity

Working for the royal family includes a lot of perks like plenty of vacations, high-paying salary, and a royal seal in your portfolio. Well, if you are a well-organized individual who values confidentiality, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may have a gig for you!

A Royal Job Vacancy

The royal family reportedly pays its staff a good amount and gives plenty of benefits

In Need of a Diary Coordinator

Prince William and Kate Middleton are looking for a diary coordinator to manage their engagements

Prince William and Kate Middleton are in need of a Diary Coordinator who will manage their royal engagements and businesses. With the couple’s super busy schedule, they have to make sure that their bookings would never overlap to avoid hassle and be more efficient. The job description basically translates to managing diversified complex diaries of the royal couple to guarantee flawless and adequate coordination of events.

If you’re up for the royal employment, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge expect you to have some exemplary communication skills, an ability to establish an outstanding working relationship with the rest of the royal crew and stakeholders, and an advanced knowledge in computer stuff. But most importantly, you must practice discretion all the time!

Salary and Other Benefits

They didn’t disclose the salary offered for the job, although judging the Queen’s private chef’s paycheck and benefits, it must be exorbitant! Not to mention the fact that you’ll get to hang around other members of the royal family almost every day.

But of course, this job requires high standards. You must be willing to work under a lot of pressure, while smoothly handling a tough workload. Prince William and Kate Middleton need someone who is driven, flexible, and has vigorous enterprise skills.

Prince William’s Royal Duties and Family

Prince William has three children with his wife, Kate Middleton

Prince William has a lot of royal duties, so he needs someone whom he can rely on. At the age of 21, he became the Counselor of State and spent his 21st birthday doing charity work for the homeless people in Newport. He married Kate Middleton in 2011, and they had three offspring; Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Work for the Royals, Live like the Royals

We’re pretty much sure there will be a lot of applicants for the position. But if you think you’re not capable of the title, there are still plenty of royal employments available such as Queen Elizabeth’s personal social media manager.

If you’re a skilled worker, the palace might need more staff for the massive renovation of the royal property as well. How about being baby Archie’s baby sitter? But I think that slot is unavailable as of the moment.

It must be cool to work for the royal family. Aside from getting a fat paycheck, you somehow get a taste of living the life of royalty. After all, stepping your foot at the palace is already a privilege not anyone could get.

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