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Inside the Stunning Laurel Canyon Homestead of Brie Larson that She Recently Sold for a Reasonable Price

Three years ago, the American actress Brie Larson purchased the stylish abode in Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles, California. Since she has another residence nearby, she recently turned the property into a fortune, although Larson seemed more focused on disposing of it rather than flipping more money from it.

Brie Larson Says Goodbye to Her Laurel Canyon Home

Brie Larson sold her Laurel Canyon home for $2.17 million that she purchased for $2.25 million three years ago

The Captain Marvel actress originally paid $2.25 million to acquire the 2,905 square feet Laurel Canyon residence in 2016. Now that she’s ready to let go of the three-bedroom bungalow, Larson agreed to a $2.17 million price tag. So, it’s safe to say that she’s actually trying to be more practical, and not necessarily practicing a career in the real estate business.

About a decade ago, Larson bought a more humble home located in the nearby neighborhood of Studio City, in Los Angeles, California. She spent less than $900,000 for the less-pretentious yet stunning property, and now that it’s the only LA residence she got left, she will probably stay there for quite some time.

Larson didn’t reveal her next move yet, whether she plans to look for another property or work on upgrading the dwelling of her Studio City residence.

House Features

The dwelling has numerous floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a refreshing view of the lush garden

Built in the early 1950s, the house boasts a mixture of mid-century architecture and modern designs since it has been renovated and upgraded from time to time. It has three cozy suites and three bathrooms, and mainly consists of light-textured hardwood floors. The high-vaulted wood roofing of the house allows natural light to enter the dwelling for some natural vibes.

One of the highlights of the house is its central piazza that’s perfect for receiving guests. The compressed living and dining room features milky, built-in bookshelves adjoining to a brick fireplace, facing a panoramic wall of floor-to-ceiling casement.

Meanwhile, the sleek and contemporary kitchen looked very classy with its pitch-dark counter-tops and white cabinetry. There is also an additional lounging area that also serves as a family room nearby the formal living room with a huge disco-ball beam providing an extra lively atmosphere to the dwelling’s aesthetics.

The courtyard has a variety of tropical plants and a lawn to cool down the warm and humid California breeze

There is also another set of floor-to-ceiling glass windows in the laundry room that walks you out to the lush courtyard filled with tropical greenery and faux grass. The master’s bedroom features an exquisite, but minimalist layout with a sleek glass dividing the shower from the bathroom. It also has a spacious walk-in wardrobe and a private spa.

Larson once shared in an interview that she likes to stay at home for at least a month to meditate and clear her head before working on a big project. Hence, her secret on how she earned an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award.

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