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If You’re Married To a Military Officer, Here’s Some Financial Advice Your Family Could Use

Maintaining a family isn’t easy. And that’s just for regular people. For families where one partner is away protecting the country, it’s doubly challenging. In such families, it’s the job of the partner at home to take care of everything – he/she has to be the parent, the cook, the driver, and the tutor. And one of the biggest headaches for such a person is handling the household finances.

If you’re a military spouse and taking of everything on your own while your significant other holds the border, first, we salute you, and second, we feel for you. But friend, you’ve got to worry no more, because here we have some painkillers for your sores.

So, just bear with us, get a glass of water (wine is a good idea, too), and read on!

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Military | Life as a military spouse is tough, especially handling the finances

Make your budget work

Just like everyone else, a military home, too, should have a monthly budget based on members’ preferences. Okay, you can move a few things up and down in the name of being frugal, but you should take care not to let your expenses exceed your family income. Ensure that whatever you’re putting on the budget is actually needed.

Plan your savings

It’s surprising how people underestimate the power of planning. There are different ways to plan how your family can be financially stable. You and your spouse can decide to save a particular amount every month. That way, in the long run, your family will have something to bank on when your partner is out of service. It will even serve as a wildcard if there are unexpected events like deployments or income disruptions.


Medium | Budgeting and Planning are sure to help you tackle financial stress

Cut your expenses

You need to control how you spend money. No matter how much you put on your budget, there will be some cases in which you have to spend. Thus, from the very start, make sure that you’re spending only on necessary things. Cut the rate at which you eat in restaurants, buy food in bulk, or go to farmers’ markets to get reasonable stuff. We don’t mean stop enjoying altogether, but just keep an eye out for frivolous expenditure.

Enlighten your kids financially

Kids don’t care about how you got the cake on the table; they just want to munch on it. If you don’t get them their favorite chocolate, prepare for a battle in the house! Well, there are ways you can handle your kids such that they feel contented. You can sit them down and explain the reality of things in a fun way. Advise them on financial management if they’re old enough. This will help build their financial intelligence as well.

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New America | Cutting down on expenses and talking to your kids about finances may also prove helpful

The bottom line

We can all agree that family management is demanding. But there are ways in which you can ease the stress. If you decide to employ the tips above, you’ll be doing your family an excellent service.

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