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Anti-oil System In America Can Help Trump Win More Followers

Suggestions have been making the rounds on how the president of United States, Donald Trump, can solve the problem of the country’s dependence on foreign fuel and how to curb the frequent conflict it usually has with the Middle Eastern region.

Observers and political critics feel that Trump needs to vehemently abolish US’ insatiable cravings for fuels that are made with carbon. To achieve this vision, Washington DC, which is the seat of power, should collaborate with vehicle-making firms and technology companies to seek alternative means to power manufactured automobiles on the U.S roads other than carbonized fuels.

In their opinions, getting rid of nuclear plants will be practically impossible even for electric vehicles which also need energy from electricity to run the car batteries before they can come to life. Alternatively, fuels made from hydrogen cells are also ideal for use but the cost to purchase them is very high at the moment, common man may find difficult to afford it. However, governments from various countries of the world can provide ways whereby hydrogen fuels can be converted into a cheaper and pure fuel that every car owner can buy conveniently.

One of these economic observers is John Crudele, an editor, and political enthusiast. He shared an experience he had years ago when he once drove a model of hydrogen-powered car, a mock-up automobile manufactured by Ford. John admitted that although he drove the model in the city, yet he couldn’t find anything different in it when compared to a car propelled with normal fuel that has no lead. However, John says, the production of Ford’s automobile gulps not less than $1 million. In the recent years, the hydrogen cars on the market are estimated around $61,000. One of the foremost automotive companies, Toyota, is planning to produce hydrogen-powered cars and make them very affordable like electric cars.
These steps are crucial in improving the automobile sector of the economy. President Donald Trump took one of these steps when he approved the drilling of oil seaward in every part of the U.S but left out the state of Florida.
Trump would have continued this process in the right direction if only he had maintained the helpful procedures, rather than saying that when the right time comes, no matter the number of years, U.S would detach itself from gasoline consumption.

John emphatically argued that Trump needs to understand that gasoline and oil are here to stay because they are fuels. He believed that only people who wish to have affordable fuel and environmentalists would day-dream about that fairytale. Trump should also put it in mind that building and drilling oil wells are very costly, in addition to oil research which will demand a huge amount of money.

A larger source of abounding oils for America comes from fracking, a process of drilling shale rocks in search of oil and gas. This has immensely provided the country with the giant share of oil and has made America a self-producing oil country on its own. America is projecting this year as the year when it will surpass Saudi Arabia in the oil producing sector.

Trying to make the production of oil become outdated when the energy-producing industries are earnestly drilling abundant oil is hypocritical and ironical. Although these political and economic observers still feel that Trump can still gain more fans and followers for his political career but only if he adopts these strategies.

In order to develop the swinging nature of the fuel industry, Trump should work out a strategy that will promote the use of other fuelling means apart from gasoline. The cars using this alternative can be either 20% or 40% or any ratio he deems fit. This future project should be considered.

The good truth is this, says John, the era of gasoline eradication will still come to the U.S one day, whether in this generation or the coming ones. Asian countries like Japan and China are already embracing this innovation with the use of their technological advancement to invent unusual car engines.

Trump should try to win over the hearts of the conservationists and Democrats by allowing the substantial level of sentiment to come over him if he can just promote eco-friendly fueling system and dissociating from oil.

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