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Apple CEO Tim Cook Gives A Choice To Users To Slow Down Their iPhones — Or Not

Apple has got to be the biggest tech company in the world today, with billions of people all over the world using their gadgets, it is without a doubt that they have indeed taken over the tech industry. MacBook computers, iPhones, iPads, Apple watches and even Apple TV, their products are everywhere and they are considered to be one of the most reliable company when it comes to advanced technology out there. However, with the tight competition in the tech market, any company would face a certain challenge and Apple is not exempted from it. With the release of their most advanced smartphone known as the iPhone X, which is a limited edition smartphone in celebration for their tenth anniversary, people who own the older models of iPhones such as iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and 6s, and even the iPhone 7 ones are reported to have slowed down, and Apple has admitted being responsible for doing it, keep reading to find out more.

Apple CEO giving customers options

In an interview with ABC News, Apple’s big boss Tim Cook revealed that the next update on the iOS will actually indicate more information about your iPhone’s overall health. This is the part wherein it will include a choice for the users whether they wish to reduce their mobile’s overall performance so that their battery life would have an extension. Cook even said that showing iPhone users the state of their battery life with extreme transparency is something that they have never done before. He also admitted that they have been slowing down and reducing the phone’s overall performance so that it wouldn’t crash or restart all of a sudden, but now with the newest iOS update, the iPhone’s users would have the power to control all of this since it is definitely something that people are having problems with. However, developers will be the first ones to have the update before the consumers could actually update theirs.

For months now, iPhone users have been complaining about their smartphones seem to be slowing down all of a sudden or more like crashing, which was one of the reasons why Apple finally admitted it and apologized for doing it. Then again, Cook mentioned how giving the users access to have control over it is not exactly ideal, this is because of the lithium-ion batteries that iPhones have. He said that it is something that does not last forever and so it basically gets old as well and gets worse. Which was actually one of the reasons why iPhones shut itself down to prevent it from harming other components.

Apple gets sued for slowing down older iPhone models

Lawsuits are what Apple is getting nowadays after they admit that they are actually slowing down their old iPhone products on purpose as well as shortening the lives of their handsets. This is not just happening in the United States but also from countries all over the world, just like South Korea, wherein a consumer group filed a criminal case against Tim Cook because of the said matter. The Citizens United for Consumer Sovereignty submitted their complaint last week saying that Apple is a fraud.


According to a statement released by the office of the group, Park Soon-Jang, the biggest tech company in the world must take full responsibility of their actions if they don’t want to risk losing their loyal consumers. Apple Korea has yet to make a statement regarding the lawsuit but the said group has managed to represent more than 120 plaintiffs that were filed not too long ago in a civil damage suit.

However, Apple’s number one competitor is facing the same problems in Italy after getting accused of purposely slowing down their old products so that the consumers would get a new one. A prosecutor in France has also managed to launch a preliminary investigation to see if the allegations were to be proven true.

Apple CEO said that the only reason why they had to do it is so that the battery wouldn’t damage the phone itself because it is old. Samsung on the other hand hasn’t exactly addressed these rumors which is why more and more people are being more skeptical about their products. Then again, Apple’s iPhone X sales continues to rise despite all of these controversies that the company is actually facing.

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