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The Baseball Legend Alex Rodriguez Has Teamed Up with Two Business Wizards for a Huge Real Estate Venture

A-Rod turned from a baseball legend to a sports analyst, and now to a real estate mogul

Alex Rodriguez has had a very lucrative career in Major League Baseball before he finally retired in 2016. Considering that he is one of the greatest baseball players of all time, the sport kept him as one of their analysts after he pulled back from his playing career.

Baseball Career

Alex Rodriguez is one of the greatest baseball players in history, breaking numerous world records

During his active years, Midsummer Classic hailed him the All-Star fourteen times, and he took home three American League Most Valuable Player Awards. Aside from that, he also won the Silver Slugger Awards ten times and the Gold Glove Awards twice.

He played twenty-two seasons with three different teams. He started his baseball career with the Seattle Mariners in 1994 before joining the Texas Rangers in 2001, then the New York Yankees in 2004. He spent the rest of his career playing for the team where he faced numerous controversies including the use of performance-enhancing substances.

Broadcasting Journey

After he decided to throw away his bat, the Yankees kept him as part of the team by playing the role of a special advisor, which led him to the media industry.

A-Rod became a correspondent at Fox Sports 1 and ESPN and hosted Back in the Game on CNBC. He also appeared several times in Shark Tank. Despite his hectic schedule as a media personality, the baseball legend still found time to spread his fortune over new investments.

Real Estate Venture

Alex Rodriguez teamed up with Adam Modlin and Ofer Yardeni for a big project

In 2003, he founded the firm A-Rod Corp. which specializes in managing several kinds of businesses such as in fields of sports, wellness, entertainment, and real estate. Just recently, he tied up with two business experts, Adam Modlin, and Ofer Yardeni to build an empire in the Big Apple.

Modlin is a brokerage wizard, while Yardeni is a real estate genius, and together, they aim to own the New York City’s finest apartments and condominiums. A-Rod is also not an amateur in the real estate game. As a matter of fact, he owns more or less 15,000 apartments all over the thirteen states under his equity firm, Monument Capital Management.

The Trio is Up To Something Big!

A-Rod has also acquired an entire apartment building from Michael Cohen worth $.8.3 million. However, his partnership with Modlin and Yardeni will focus more on larger investments that could generate more income. They’ll start with New York City’s smaller neighborhood, where they would canvass for properties ranging from $5 million to $400 million.

As soon as they dominated the downtown, they would diversify their venture to leasing out high-class and luxurious penthouses. The stake is high in the trio’s endeavor, but if they succeed, it could bring them an insane amount of fortune.

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