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A Couple of Health Advocates Including Katy Perry Joined Patricia Bragg in a Health-Focused Business Venture

The American health consultant Patricia Bragg has found a new set of allies in educating people across the globe about the benefits of committing into a healthy lifestyle. For the past sixty-five years, she’s been on a mission of spreading the vision of her company, Bragg Live Foods. And now, she won’t have to do it alone anymore.

Katy Perry Supporting Her Health Guru

Patricia Bragg and Katy Perry are long-time friends, and now, business partners as well

With the help of the influential couple Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, Bragg Live Foods aims to reach millions and introduce the company’s apple cider vinegar and other dietary products. In 1912, Paul Bragg founded the company and laid the groundwork for the development of the apple cider vinegar and other health-conscious products including condiments, liquid refreshments, flavoring, among others.

The 90-year-old businesswoman holds a very special place in the singer’s heart. They’ve been friends for quite some time. In fact, Katy Perry’s first-ever guitar was a gift from Patricia Bragg. Ever since her mother introduced the Bragg merchandise to her when she was a child, it has been the pop star’s wellness remedy of choice. She even said that Bragg products are a huge aid in maintaining a healthy lifestyle that is beneficial to her vocal career.

Because of that, Bragg and Perry believe that their partnership will extensively grow and make the world a better place by introducing healthier eating habits. Perry is more than happy and glorified to take a new role; from being a loyal consumer to being one of the company’s health ambassadors.

Swander Pace Capital

Swander Pace Capital invested in Bragg Live Foods alongside other investors

The other members of their alliance include the private equity firm, Swander Pace Capital, who specializes in establishing glit-edge companies that are essential to consumer’s lives such as Bragg Live Foods. The CEO and Managing Director of Swander Pace Capital, Andrew Richards, sees great potential in Bragg’s wellness venture.

Swander Pace Capital has overseen the growth of more than fifty companies since 1996. With Bragg’s authentic and renowned brand and its devotion and commitment in developing a variety of healthy products, they are convinced that the company has a bright future ahead of them. Richards and the rest of his team couldn’t be more excited to be part of Bragg’s amazing journey.

Hayden Slater and Dragoneer Investment Group

Health advocates like Hayden Slater bought shares from Bragg Live Foods

The mastermind behind Pressed Juicery, Hayden Slater and the growth-oriented investment firm, Dragoneer Investment Group, whose headquarter is in San Francisco, California are also part of the cooperative group. Dragoneer Investment Group also holds a stake in several companies such as Uber, Etsy, Slack, and Airbnb.

With this kind of powerhouse, Bragg Live Foods surely can make a difference in the wellness world sooner or later.

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