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Debunking Real Estate Career Myths

Are you a young graduate looking for a job? If yes, are you looking for a career in the real estate sector? Lucky for you, real estate has emerged as an entire industry, with lots of vacancies every year. It is a career with a lot of room for expansion. The plus point is that very few people ever think about a career in real estate; thus, it is a field not yet saturated, and that means you can get in quickly.

Whenever you talk about real-estate career choices, only two positions capture your interest: broker and developer. To become a developer, you would need a vast capital, and to become a broker, you need a big social circle and people-pleasing skills.

If you mark zero on both these requirements, you must have resigned yourself from a position in the real estate sector. However, you need to know that you are quitting too early. This sector has changed appearance in recent times, and you might find yourself with a lucrative job in the field.

Pexels | If you’re thinking of looking into real estate, now’s the time

So, let us trash off a few myths that plague the real-estate world.

Scarcity of Positions

This is the myth that discourages anybody from entering the field. The widespread misconception is that the only positions on offer in this field are CEO (financer) and a broker. The truth is, like every product offered in the market needs a whole bunch of supporting positions, real estate, too, operates on the same trend. A few posts you may be viable for are marketing, finance manager, interior designer, customer support, analyst, and architect. If you are a graduate with a degree in any of these professions, try your luck at a real estate firm.

Pexels | A diversity of professions is required to manage and run the firm

It is a pitch for experts

In every industry, any job that requires sales to be made, personnel hired for customer dealings needs to be an extrovert. In real estate, that position is of a broker or a customer relations manager. The rest of the jobs require you to work from a desk in the background, upholding the firm’s daily operations. An architecture or an interior designer can be an introvert but with an excellent artistic flare. Do not vote yourself out just because you are not an extrovert.

Pexels | What would a real estate firm even be without architects?

To earn good, you must be a broker

This is the funniest myth of all. The broker’s position is commission-based, and if you are a good broker with excellent interpersonal skills, you are sure to seal multiple deals and earn a fat check every few days. However, other positions in real estate pay well, too, like the managerial, design, and analyst positions. On a positive note, these are salary-based jobs and can be a reliant form of income, averse to commission-based payment.

So, pitch your resume to the real estate firm you are interested in. If you are lucky, you might get a call, and that can be your first step in the steep climb of promotions in the real-estate world.

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