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Disney Will Improve Workers’ Welfare And Provide Educational Scholarships

For decades, Walt Disney has been a source of relaxation for millions of families all over the world through its entertainment programs. However, the company does not run on its own but with the selfless services rendered by its loyal employees. As the government has now ordered more robust packages for the labor market workers in America, Disney decided to seize this opportunity to reach out to its members of staff in appreciative ways.

Good times are coming for those on Walt Disney’s payroll as the entertainment giant plans to make their lives even better. The management made an official announcement recently that the company will dish out bonuses worth $1,000 to one hundred and twenty-five thousand staff members and also establish a higher level of education project for them.

According to Robert Iger, Chief Executive at Walt Disney Co., the bonuses and the advanced educational program will produce an instant and long-lasting absolute effect.

The entertainment outfit, Walt Disney Co., made this release on Tuesday, that it will doll out $1,000 bonuses for the benefit of its workers numbering one hundred and twenty-five thousand and embarking on another massive project which will center on higher education for them to encourage better literacy competence on their parts. The educational program will likely cost about $51 million.

Those who are qualified for the financial endowment are full-time and part-time workers on the junior level of the staff hierarchy, meaning those below executive level and must have started working for Disney since First January Two thousand and eighteen. However, the cash bonuses will be paid at once.

The academic concept, says Disney in the official statement, which is the second part of Disney’s planned project, is projected in such an organized way that tuition fees will be paid upon enrollment of workers who work hourly, and $25 million will go into the program every year.

Disney World

The legendary entertainment company has joined the league of other firms in this press release that have earlier said that they will bestow money on their employees. This came as a response to the ratification of the Job Act and Tax Cuts of Two thousand and seventeen that came to reality last year December. The act also involves a lesser rate of taxation on corporate companies.

Many high-ranking household firms have rushed to enact the $1,000 bonuses plan for their workers, in accordance with the new bill which was endorsed by Congress on the twentieth December Two thousand and seventeen. Some of these companies are U.S. Bancorp, American Airlines, and AT&T. Others even went ahead to add more packages to the scheme to please their members of staff. They increased the least wage they pay to the junior staff and these firms include PNC Financial and Fifth Third Bank.

When Walt Disney made this development a public announcement this week, it clearly referred to the bonuses and educational program as responses regarding the recent tax law approved by the legislative arm of government.

The population of Walt Disney’s members of staff is estimated to be around two hundred thousand people, and the management is earmarking about eighty-nine thousand hourly employees for the higher education initiative, which means that lucky hourly workers that are selected among this stipulated number will have access to the academic opportunity. Disney also disclosed that the students who enroll in the academic program would have the chance to further their training in any other professional skill of their choice or even get a more formal education. These post-educational trainings do not necessarily have to be in the same line of specialty any of the employees are known for in the company’s day-to-day duties.

In proud praise of this gigantic bonuses and educational project, Robert boasted that these generous financial endowments are worth $175 million alone among other projects that Disney has mapped out for 2018 budgetary ambitions.

Robert Iger

He went further to emphasize his strong belief which aligns with quality education as the only pathway to greatness, success and of course, unlimited opportunities. Education paves ways for untapped channels and open doors to whole new chapters of prospects, Robert said while delivering Disney’s goodwill messages. When these two unique programs are put together, side by side, there will surely be positive effects and permanent impression in the minds of beneficiaries.

There is an already-existing educational scholarship initiative designed for full-time workers, another innovation from the desk of Walt Disney Co. People are now asking if this new academic project will not suppress the old one, but Disney has assured the public that nothing will halt that program as long as the company still stand.

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