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Gayle King Threatened CBS into Leaving the Network Gaining Her a $11 Million Brand New Contract

Are you having a hard time getting that increase at work? Try bringing up the idea of leaving them. If it worked with Gayle King, it might work for you as well.

CBS Renewed Contract with Gayle King for $11M!

Kidding aside, the American journalist and television personality Gayle King allegedly re-negotiated her contract with the broadcasting company CBS. Based on the reports, she demanded to double-up her revenue from $5 million a year to an annual income of $11 million.

King’s demand is not just a gimmick, and it seems reasonable. King’s appeal to get a raise rooted in George Stephanopoulos’ recent contract re-negotiation with ABC ranging between $15 million to $18 million. Indicating that she’s aiming for “Stephanopoulos money”, CBS got the message clearly and offered King a $11 million brand new contract.

News reporter George Stephanopoulos recently renewed his contract with ABC for $15 million a year

Stephanopoulos renewed his contract with ABC News after his five-year deal expired. The news anchor signed another four-year partnership with ABC and agreed to an annual $15 million salary. ABC secured the veteran anchor until the 2020 presidential debate.

The Next Right Move

The CBS This Morning chief anchor Gayle King came up with a new deal months after her interview with R. Kelly obtained high ratings.

In addition to that, Time 100’s also hailed her as one of the most influential people. King got a pretty heavy leverage against CBS. With these titles and achievements, CBS won’t easily let King go.

Gayle King’s best friend Oprah Winfrey encouraged her to strike out the deal with CBS

Her long-time best friend, Oprah Winfrey had something to do with this as well. The famous talk-show host put fuel on the fire, telling her gal pal that it is the next best action on her career. She encouraged her to harvest all her hard work by pushing through what she wants before it is too late.

Trusting her gut and listening to her best pal’s piece of advice, King apparently got what she wished for. Sometimes, all we need is just a little push from our best buddies.

CBS News Line-Up

CBS denied the rumors that Gayle King is the reason why Norah O’Donnell is leaving CBS This Morning

In line with King’s increase in salary, her co-anchor Norah O’Donnell closes her morning curtains and is rumored to take over the seat of Jeff Glor in CBS Evening. Although, CBS News president Susan Zirinsky falsified the rumors that King is the reason why O’Donnell has to leave the show.

CBS said there will be mixed up with the line-ups and they will officially announce the final decision live Monday morning.

So to everyone who is working hard but didn’t get a deserving salary increase yet, do not lose hope and fight for what you deserve. If the company values you as much as CBS values King, you’ll surely get those extra bucks!

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