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Get Ready to Rock the Gym with Dwayne Johnson’s Coolest Project Ever!

Music is essential in almost every activity that we do nowadays. Be it when you are working, doing errands, and running sets at the gym. Hustling gets boring without music to boost your energy.

That is why a lot of tech companies continue to develop gadgets to make our lives more convenient. Inventions like water-proof speakers, wireless earphones, and several user-friendly gizmos have already popped out in the market.

The Project Rock True Wireless In-Ear Headphone

The Project Rock True Wireless In-Ear Headphones claims to make your gym life more convenient with its gym-ready features

Just recently, Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, released his own in-ear headphones with Under Armour. Apparently, this is not just an ordinary headphone, it is specially made to become your gym best friend!

The Rock True Wireless In-Ear Headphones are made to be durable, water-resistant, and sweat-proof. You can run, lift weights, and even dive in the pool without worrying about your headphones. You may even forget that you’re wearing them, just saying….

Your New Work-Out Buddy!

You don’t have to worry about your earbuds falling off with The Project Rock True Wireless In-Ear Headphones.

This marvelous invention is intentionally built to be gym-ready. The headphones are small enough to fit in your gym bag and carry them everywhere. They are wireless-connected to provide maximum comfort when you are nailing all your sets. It allows you to easily move without the wires being tangled around your neck or accidentally pulling it out your ears.

The package also includes three different sizes of winged earbuds to let you choose the most compatible size that won’t dislodge when you are working out. Since they are small and wire-free, the ear tips avoid the tendency of the headphones falling off your ear.

Making Your Life Easier

Speaking of convenience, the volume, music controls, and commands are a press away through the small Brahma bull button at the center of the earpiece. The bull is The Rock’s trademark talisman from his Project Rock line, which emblematizes positive energy flow.

The audio is very realistic with JBL’s high definition technology. It highlights an exclusive Rock-tuned sound curve, giving you the sound of deep, bold bass. It also features JBL’s Talk-Thru technology wherein a noise-canceling mic can amplify speech and pause the music so you can transition smoothly without removing the buds out your ears.

Are They Worth The Money?

The case is sophisticated and easy to carry

The case doesn’t disappoint as well. It is coated in gold with attached carabiner to make it easier to vary. It can hold twenty hours of charge while the buds hold five. The price-tag truly costs like a bar of gold, though. It is available on Under Armour’s website for $199, which sounds reasonable with all the amazing features of it.

These headphones are undeniably small but terrible. As a bonus, The Rock compiled an Iron Paradise Airwaves playlist. Who’s ready to rock the gym now?

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