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Paris Hilton’s Housekeeper Cries Foul over Poor Treatment and Unpaid Overtime Work

While you are stuck in your 9-to-5-day job, imagining life would be better if you would instead work for a celebrity in exchange of loads of money and perhaps, even freebies, you should really think long and hard before you sign that resignation paper. Though stars are oftentimes associated with glitz and glamour, hence money and food, we shouldn’t be too quick to think that ALL of them are worth working for.

Housekeeper’s Claims

Take for example socialite Paris Hilton’s parents, Rick and Kathy Hilton – just hearing their family name screams gold. There’s no doubt that working for the very rich clan would be a delight to your pocket. But according to a certain Isabel Gonzalez, this is not the case. The woman, who was hired by the couple as a live-in housekeeper, had named the couple in a lawsuit.

The hotelier couple was accused by their housekeeper of not paying overtime work

According to several reports, the hotelier family gave Isabel her weekly salary but failed to compensate her for the work she rendered as overtime. That’s not all, Kathy and Rick were also so demanding and what’s worse was that they didn’t give her rest periods. Add to that, the wealthy couple also didn’t give her second meal breaks for her shift. The Hilton’s have yet to comment on the issue and the housekeeper didn’t mention her employment dates.

Interestingly, 63-year-old Richard, who is the chairman of Hilton, has an estimated net worth of $350 million while his wife’s is $5 million. With these staggering fortune, it is quite unbelievable that they can’t pay their employee properly.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Rumors

Meanwhile, the news came as rumors that Kathy is joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as the replacement of the outgoing Lisa Vanderpump are circulating. However, the mother of four took to Instagram to deny the speculations, explaining that the series could affect her job.

Kyle Richards was open to having her sister Kathy on the show

The 60-year-old’s sister Kyle Richards expressed her excitement over the idea that Kathy is joining the show. She said that she was thrilled at the thought of the I Want to Be a Hilton star being a regular because she is actually funny. This means that although there was no truth to the circulating rumors, the celeb that has been featured in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is more than OK working with Kathy.

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone was previously slapped with two lawsuits by her nanny and maid

Of the lawsuit, this was barely the first time that the same of its kind happened. In 2013, Sharon Stone’s maid filed a case against the actress for unspecified damages stemming from the harrowing experience she had with her boss. Apparently, the Basic Instinct star didn’t mind Angelica Castillo’s injuries and doctors’ advice.

The maid had been working for Sharon since 2010 when she injured her back during the time she was running for groceries for her boss.

Despite doctors’ recommendation to rest, the Casino actress still asked Angelica to come to work the following day and do what she usually does, including moving and lifting heavy things around the house as she cleans. A couple of months later, the employee still felt pain and told the celebrity about this.

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