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Kylie Jenner Launched a Cosmetics Collection for Her 22nd Birthday, and the Theme Made Some Fans Feel Aggravated

It’s not a secret that the socialite Kylie Jenner has tons of money in her bank account. We’ve seen in E!’s reality television series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, how posh her lifestyle really is. At the age of 21, she already has an established empire, and as she turned 22 a few days ago, Jenner reminded us once againhow rich she is.

Kylie Cosmetics’ Birthday Collection

Kylie Jenner launched a money-themed cosmetics collection to celebrate her 22nd birthday

Commemorating her 22nd birthday, the young entrepreneur who founded her very own cosmetics company, Kylie Cosmetics in 2015, launched her money-themed cosmetics collection. It includes makeups decorated with US dollars, the number 22, and clauses such as “You’re $0 money baby”. She also released products named On a Budget, Work For It, and Build Your Empire.

Fans Were Aggravated

Kylie Jenner’s birthday collection earned criticisms from her fans, especially on Instagram

Even though her intention was probably to motivate her fans to work hard so that they could achieve the kind of success that she accomplished, her birthday collection received several criticisms on Instagram. Some of her followers were offended by the theme and called it tone-deaf. They also think Jenner is showing off way too much.

The limited-edition eye-shadow palette, for instance, that consists of a variety of glittery shades, got mocked because of the tone Work For It. It appeared like Jenner was trying to belittle her fans, although some names are actually encouraging, like Goal Setter, Breaking Records, and Build Your Empire. Meanwhile, she labeled the other shades to honor her birthday, such as 22 Candles, Birthday Queen, and Time For Cake. The others were tagged as Time is Money, Stacks, Long Money, Blue Faces, etc.

Kylie Jenner’s birthday collection features an eye-shadow palette with money-inspired and birthday-themed names

Her birthday collection also features the Birthday Body Glow highlighter that has a huge dollar sign in the middle. Jenner mentioned that she likes applying it all over her body as it gives her skin an extra gleam. There’s also a set of lipsticks fabulously boxed in a round, money-themed container. Jenner told her fans that this is by far her favorite collection, but some people weren’t impressed as much as she was.

She Plans to Give Back

Some Instagram users questioned Jenner on why she wouldn’t donate some of her fortunes to charity since she’s super-rich as her birthday collection was implying. Jenner answered and explained in one of her posts that she’s working on something big alongside her pal, Ellen DeGeneres to give back to those individuals who are selflessly working hard for their families.

She also told her fans that by supporting her birthday collection and buying the products, they would also be part of her campaign since she’s dedicating the collection merely for this cause.

FB: Click here to see more of Kylie Jenner’s birthday collection.

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