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Myro is Serena Williams’ Latest Investment, but What’s So Special About It?

Apart from being a queen on the tennis court, Serena Williams has also proven she he has what it takes to make it in the business world. This time around, she has herself a worthy partner in Carmelo Anthony, with the two backing a deodorant brand together.

Queen on the tennis court

Greg Laptevsky launched Myro, a gender-neutral brand, back in 2017. The deodorant comes in five scents, each of which is color-coded. Additionally, it also comes with specific deodorant pods that allow the user to refill their cases once they run out.

Vegan and Gluten-Free

So why the interest in Myro? It turns out that the brand is actually vegan and gluten-free, as fascinating as that sounds. Did you also think that these words only describe edible items? You’re not alone!

As you know, investors don’t personally pour their cash into ventures they are interested in. This is why Serena backed Myro via her venture capital Serena Ventures, while Anthony went in via Melo7.

As WWD reports, the investments from the two athletes is part of the $7 million Myro has raised in its latest funding round, with other noteworthy investors being Western Technology.

Carmelo Anthony is always looking for the next best product

When asked about why they chose to back this particular brand, Anthony is reported to have said that he’s ever on the lookout for the next awesome product, and at this point in time, the basketballer feels that refillable deodorants are among the most relevant products.

As you would imagine, not anything would attract top investors, right? Myro must have set itself apart from its competition, and according to available information, the brand uses half of the plastic similar products use.

Additionally, Myro’s fragrance is 100% natural, and at a time when synthetic products are flooding the market, we could do with a touch of mother nature. For a relatively cheap price of $10, you have yourself the deodorant and the refillable pod. That’s a bargain, don’t you agree?

One of Many

This brand just so happens to be one of the many that Serena Williams has invested in over the years. With Serena Ventures, the tennis legend has backed over 30 companies thus far, and she’s getting value for her money.

The one thing that has helped the athlete along in her entrepreneurship journey is the fact that she doesn’t prioritize certain industries over others. Whenever and wherever she notices an opportunity, she goes in full throttle.

This way, Serena has her hand in the food industry, fashion, e-commerce, health, and wellness, name them. Companies that she has backed include Masterclass, Gooble, Daily Harvest, Little Spoon, Billie, Wing, LOLA, and Tonal. You see that Myro has joined a pretty successful group, don’t you agree?

The one thing that we all know about Serena is that she has an unwavering winning mentality. What she displays on the court is replicated when she’s making business moves, so we’re sure that Serena Ventures will soar to even greater heights.

Being married to Alexis is a plus

The fact that Alexis Ohanian is her husband is also a plus, seeing as the man is already a seasoned entrepreneur himself. He must have more than a few tricks to teach his wife, right?

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