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It’s Never Too Late to Make it on YouTube- Rick Beato and his Journey on the Platform

Ever since Jawed Karim posted the first YouTube video back in 2005, the popularity of the platform has just been skyrocketing, to the point that YouTube has become the second most in-demand search engine, right behind Google itself. With over 500 videos getting uploaded on the platform every single minute, it has become incredibly diverse, with video solutions to all your problems- and mainly, your entertainment needs!

Business Insider | A still image from the first YouTube video ever uploaded

For some reason, however, the general perception seems to be that YouTube is a young person’s sport. With the richest YouTuber being an 8-year-old who plays with and reviews toys for a living, what would you even expect? When was the last time you saw an older person, in their 50s or 60s, grace the top-10 list of most popular YouTube stars? Oh, that’s right, NEVER!

How Rick Beato Found YouTube

Rick Beato’s first experience with YouTube was back in 2011 when he posted a video displaying the preternatural music skills of his 3-year-old son, Dylan, which went viral instantly. Having been widely involved in the world of music from a young age, Beato wanted the same for his son, who’s music training started as soon as he was out of the womb.

His son was habitual of listening to some of the most popular symphonies ever made and given a free hand with instruments that Beato would have around the house, owing to his long career as a music producer and university professor.

When starting off his journey into the YouTube world, Beato hadn’t anticipated the results that he got. As of today, his channel stands at 1.74 million subscribers, with anywhere from 100k to 500k views on each video.

Facebook, Rick Beato | Beato with his son, Dylan

The Tide is Turning

Rick Beato was somewhat correct in saying that YouTube might be a young person’s sport. And, that was actually the case for a pretty long time, when YouTube was largely considered an entertainment platform so, the age demographics mostly included children and teenagers. But, luckily, we’re noticing a drastic change in content absorption now.

Pixability, a YouTube insight and performance agency, reports that YouTube viewership among audiences above the age of 45 has increased by 55% between the second quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020. Beforehand, adult audiences amounted to 11% of the total viewership on YouTube, which has now also increased to 17%.

Facebook, Rick Beato | Just like Beato, you can find success on YouTube

A couple of years ago, one would have never thought that owning a channel on YouTube could be a respected and popular career choice among adults. And, it seems as though that now, the only chance of making it big in the world, is either by starting a YouTube channel (and watching it grow) or through inheritance, whether it be of money or business.

One thing we know for sure is that the YouTube arena has largely transformed into an educational platform, where expert opinion is welcomed and followed religiously. So, if your expertise is missing from YouTube and you think that others can benefit from your knowledge, we recommend that you don’t think twice before jumping in. After all, just look at all the successful YouTubers who are well into their 50s and 60s and still killing it on the platform.

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