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The Richest Person Alive Owns the Most Valuable Company in the World

If there is a person who can peacefully lie down in bed even for a year and won’t starve to death, that is Jeff Bezos. As of June 2019, the American technology entrepreneur has a net worth of $156 billion, making him the richest person alive.

Jeff Bezos and Amazon’s Success

Jeff Bezos is currently the richest man alive and owner of the most valuable company in the world.

However, Amazon’s chief executive officer doesn’t have a plan to take a day off anytime soon, especially now that his company became the most valuable in the world. The start of 2019 was bright for the e-commerce giant as it took back the title from its number one competitor, Microsoft. Thanks to the crazy shopping spree last Christmas holiday, Jeff Bezos generated almost $28 billion worth of Amazon shares.

Being the planet’s biggest e-commerce marketplace and largest internet firm in terms of revenue, investors have a lot of expectations from Amazon. Founded by Jeff Bezos way back on July 5, 1994, the 25-year-old business used to sell books before it broadens its merchandise with electronics, apparel, and all kinds of stuff.

Founding Amazon was a big risk for Bezos. One day, he decided to quit his job as the senior vice-president of D.E. Shaw to start his own company in his garage. With the support of his former wife MacKenzie Tuttle, the two took the less traveled road and drove all the way from New York to Seattle as a jobless couple, and the rest is history.

A lot of inventors have been closely watching its earnings report to see if it stays on top of the race. So far, Amazon is worth $315.5 billion and remains number one on the global ranking of the most valuable brands as of the half of 2019. Apple surpassed Google on the second spot with a $5 million advantage.

The Big Four

Amazon belongs to the Big Four technology firms alongside Google, Apple, and Facebook. The four companies have been dominating the World Wide Web since the start of the twenty-first century. They are in a tight completion of innovative developments and sociocultural evolution. But most importantly, they are the ones generating billions of revenue in the market.

Blue Origin

Jeff Bezos founded a human spaceflight start-up company in 2000.

Only time can tell whether Amazon remains the world’s leading brand of e-commerce or not. As per its owner, he continues to strive to elevate his success by consistently working hard and smart.

He also pursues other business ventures such as the human spaceflight start-up company, Blue Origin, that he founded in 2000. It focuses on technological research concerning the development of human life in the rest of the unknown universe. Perhaps, this can make him the richest person in the whole universe.

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