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Will Smith and Jay Z Invested in This Cool Camping App, And It Could Become the Next Big Thing!

When it comes to making smart investment decisions, best believe that Jay Z is the man to beat. How could you even think of refuting this after the singer made history by being the first rapper to join the billionaires’ club? He clearly didn’t get there by being a flop.

The only rapper in the B club

As for Will Smith, the actor must have some tricks up his sleeve after being in Hollywood for three decades and counting. That the man is a legend in the industry is in no doubt, but he is also a force to reckon within the business world.

Faith in a Camping App

And as it just so happens, the two men have put their faith in a camping app, so it might just be the next big thing. Hipcamp is an app that allows users to rent their outdoor space to those interested in using it for camping purposes, and with the kind of investors it is attracting, we’d better watch this space.

This actor has some tricks up his sleeve

The world’s richest rapper went all in via Marcy Venture (a firm he owns), while his counterpart had his fund, Dreamers VC, put in the investment cash backing the app.

If you’re interested in finding a suitable camping space, Hipcamp allows the traditional tent experience, but also provides you with the option of renting RVs, in addition to providing “glamping locations.” Glamping, as they explain, is a blend between glamorous and camping.

So how does it all work? The Hipcamp team partners with landowners who want to use the extra space to earn a buck, then via the platform, connects interested parties to them.

What results is the amazing opportunity for people to camp in locations that would ordinarily have been labeled private property. Sounds cool, don’t you think?

What’s more, if you have a large enough backyard and don’t mind having people over, Hipcamp is just the perfect fit for you. Why have that empty space lying idle when you can always earn a few bucks from it without even going through so much of a hustle?

$25 Million Funding Round

Beyonce Knowles, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jay-Z, Will Smith, and Bill T. Jones

In addition to Will Smith and Jay Z, a host of other investors have also poured their money into the app, seeing as Hipcamp raised at least $25 million in its 2019 funding round. You reckon they could do a whole lot with such an amount, don’t you? No wonder everyone is thinking that they’ll be making shockwaves real soon.

Apart from being co-investors (if that’s a thing), the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air breakout star and the Empire State of Mind hitmaker worked together in a filmmaking capacity, thanks to an ABC miniseries.

Originally supposed to be on HBO, the project tells the story of Emmett Till, the 14-year-old boy who was tortured and later murdered by two white Mississippi men.

The story is told from the perspective of Mamie Till, the boy’s mother. This angle is actually perfect for the project, seeing as its working title is “Women of the Movement.”

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Smith and Jay Z worked together. Remember 2014’s Annie? That was all of them. They know their craft, don’t you agree?

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