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These 7 US Cities Are Your Best Bets If You’re Planning on Having an Early Retirement

Through some hard work and careful financial planning, one can put up their work boots earlier than the traditional retirement age. It’s worth noting though that people who plan on going this route may need to save a larger amount of money given the fact that they would have a longer retirement period than others.

This said an early retiree’s choice of place to settle usually plays an important factor in determining how long their retirement funds will last. For starters, places with lower living expenses and taxes are ideal. Having plenty of options for activities and good medical facilities nearby are also a plus.

Using these factors and considering other factors like crime statistics and income tax rate for retirees, SmartAsset made a list of the top American cities for early retirees to settle down in.

Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington has a retiree tax rate of 10.17% and a local tax rate of 6%

Making the seventh spot is the city of Lexington in Kentucky. With a population of about 322,000, the midsize southern city boasts of having low taxes as well as affordable housing. What more, it also offers first-class healthcare to its residents. One of its best hospitals is the Baptist Health Lexington.

Mesa, Arizona

Next on the list is Mesa, Arizona. Located east of Phoenix, the southwestern state’s capital, Mesa offers its residents plenty of sunshine and golf courses. In fact, there are reportedly 200 courses just in the city’s metro area. What more, the cost of living in Mesa is relatively lower than the national average. It has a retiree tax rate of 10.8%.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dubbed as the Steel City, Pittsburgh is giving Florida a run for its money as it was voted as people’s preferred place to retire in a survey by Although it doesn’t offer the benefit of warm weather, the city was popular among retirees who value Pittsburgh’s accessible health care and low crime rates.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas has a retiree tax rate of 9.42%

The Sin City is famous for its nightlife and casinos so people may not initially think of it as an ideal place to retire in. But outside the tourist areas, Las Vegas has numerous retirement communities which offer their residents a full calendar of activities and a great atmosphere for socializing with fellow retirees.

Plano, Texas

Located just 20 miles north of Dallas, Plano, Texas is a midsize city just a short distance away from all the perks of a larger metropolis. Another perk of retiring in Plano is that it has top-notch healthcare which includes North Texas’ only freestanding heart and vascular health hospital.

Chandler, Arizona

Another Arizona city makes the list. Chandler is another small city which early retirees will find ideal for its below the national average crime rate and its nearness to bigger urban areas like Phoenix which has world-class medical facilities.

Henderson, Nevada

The city of Henderson is located in the Mojave Desert


Topping the list is the city of Henderson, Nevada. Although living in Henderson means paying higher than the national average prices, the growing city boasts of very low crime rates as well as more affordable housing prices.

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