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13 Child Stars All Grown Up – Some Are Super Successful & Some Might Need To Rely On Parent’s Money

Many Hollywood actors and actresses have a career that spans a few decades, if not more, and we’ve gotten so used to them that it seems like they started out famous. But you’ll be shocked to know just how early some of our favorite celebrities started working in front of the camera, and how some of them were making money (more than some of us make in our entire life) before turning ten. But some faded away, either due to lost interest in the industry to circumstances which compelled them to stop acting. Regardless, here is a list of all your favorite actors and actresses you saw as kids in films, and a peek into what they’re doing now.

Danica McKellar – Winnie Cooper – 44, Actress, Mathematics Writer, Education Advocate

Danica McKellar impressed us all in The Wonder Years where she played the character of Winnie Cooper, the on-off love interest of Kevin in the show. But it was what she accomplished off-screen that is truly impressive. After making an investment of her time to get a math degree from UCLA, she wrote five books, all related to the field of mathematics. Her aim is to encourage girls, especially those enrolled in middle and high school, to get involved in mathematics and to consider it a viable career option for themselves. But that doesn’t mean that she has left acting. She was most recently seen in the TV movie Very, Very, Valentine in 2018, and although she doesn’t have a project in the making, we are sure we have not seen the last of McKellar on-screen.

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