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Critical Money Advice From One of The World’s Most Successful Men

If you want a medical-related opinion, you go to a doctor, right? And not just any doctor, you try to find the best doctor in town. With the same logic, when you need financial advice, don’t you think the wealthiest are the right ones to ask?

Now, considering the current times, everyone could do with a little financial help. And that’s why today, we aren’t offering you the advice of a random wealthy man; instead, we’re sharing with you advice from a billionaire who is among the world’s ten richest people.

We’re talking about none other than Warren Buffett, and if you don’t know who he is, well, let’s just say today is your lucky day.


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Say hello to Warren Buffett

The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett, was previously a gum and cola seller on the street! He bought his first stock at the age of 11.

Really? Did he become an investor at 11 years of age? Isn’t that age for just being carefree and playing all the time? Not for this brilliant mind, apparently.

Warren then began teaching himself the fundamentals of trading, basic financial rules, and the best ways to trade on the stock exchange. Step-by-step, he began to climb to the top, gathering advice from here and there, reading books while working, and focusing on a simple dream.


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The result? Today, the man is worth $79 billion and is counted as the seventh richest person in the world. His wealth is greater than the budgets of many countries!

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As Warren succeeded with learning and diligence, he doesn’t see more important advice than that. Here’s what he said in an interview with Yahoo Finance’s Andy Serwer.

Buffett’s golden money advice

According to Buffett, learning accounting and business rules is the only way to be successful financially. He believes that relying only on technical analysis and observing the chart’s movement is a waste of time. The key lies in fundamental analysis and the belief that by buying shares in a particular company, you put your trust in it; you become a part of it.

Warren has already given an example of this by buying shares in Coca-Cola and keeping those shares for nearly three decades. His decision stemmed from his belief in the company and his confidence in choosing it as a suitable place to put his money in. So he advises investors to do the same and revert to the classic technique of “exchange trading.”


Use Journal | The billionaire says that the only way to succeed in investing is to keep learning and conducting fundamental analysis

Wrapping It Up

Like Warren Buffett points out, reading and learning is the real key to success in any field, but it especially applies to business. The stock exchange is not a random market, and it isn’t gambling. Read carefully before you start investing, and don’t be arrogant towards good advice.

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