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Everything You Need To Know About Shopping Detox

Almost everyone loves to shop, that is why there is just nothing easier than spending money, which can be a huge problem for some because it can be very addicting. Back in the day, you need to get out of the house just to go shopping, which is an excuse for exercise since you have to walk around for hours. However, shopping can now be done anywhere you are, because of the online retail stores. There is absolutely nothing wrong with shopping, but then again, anything that is too much can be dangerous. Most people believe that shopping is therapeutic but there are also studies that prove that it is not, especially if a person can already be considered as a shopaholic.

According to a research from the Penn State University led by marketing professor Margaret Meloy, making a purchase can boost someone’s feelings. This is according to the study wherein they found that people who are most likely to go shopping and buy on impulse are technically lonely, unhappy, or bored. Another study entitled “The Benefits Of Retail Therapy: Making Purchase Decisions Reduces Residual Sadness”, says that people who are most likely to be sad or feeling down often feel like they don’t have any control of their situation which is why the control that they’re longing for is going to the purchases since they could do it on an impulse.


However, a survey was conducted wherein the results showed that people who go on a shopping spree tend to feel unhappy once they are done shopping, proving that the thought of shopping itself is the only thing that can be therapeutic and it could even make people feel worse since they would spend money on things that turned out to be something they don’t really need or want. Experts even compare this with drinking and thinking that it would help them with their problems but all they get afterward is a massive hangover.

What exactly is a shopping detox?

If people think that shopping therapy is a thing, well little did they know that there is also such thing as shopping detox. When people hear the word detox, the very first thing that comes into their minds are detoxing from food such as drinking certain juices in replace of eating, and the purpose of this is to cleanse the body from toxins and keep itself healthy from it for a short period of time. Shopping detox is very similar to it but doesn’t really involve the physical being, but more of the financial and mental state of a person. The fashion industry is definitely in when it comes to detoxes, it is basically self-explanatory if you think about it thoroughly. It is when you refrain yourself from buying anything that is not a necessary especially an item of clothing, gadget, accessories and more for a certain amount of time.

For some, this is such a difficult thing to do and not everyone makes it through, especially those who are considered as shopaholics. The main goal of this particular detox is to be able to help you understand the significance of the need and want mentality as well as buying on impulse. It definitely is a challenge and some people are not motivated enough to do it or don’t really find the outcome to be worth it, but then again, experts believe that it is the process of undergoing the shopping detox that makes it worthwhile. It is not the outcome that you want, it is the experience and the lessons that you would learn from it.

Some people go extreme and do it for months, but for starters, you could do it for 30 days to begin with. According to experts, it is not ideal to go over 6 months since it is only a detox and anything more than that could end up as a lifestyle that may no longer be healthy for you. One of the things that motivate people to do this detox is that when they really want something that they can’t afford, such as a new house, a new car or money to go travel to their dream destination. This would be motivation enough not to make unnecessary purchases.

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