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Just Starting Off Your Military Career? You Don’t Want to Miss These Essential Tips

Being a soldier is one of the noblest professions out there. A career in the army, having the chance to protect your country against enemies, serve your people while being selfless, and forgetting your own needs and wants, is something not every person is built to do. And so, not every person can gain a chance to fight alongside the bravest men in the country.

If you’re one of those men, you have to make the most of this opportunity. So, we’re here with some tips that can help you gain the most from your military tenure.

Deposit Photos | Play your cards right and you just might become the First Sergeant one day

1. Be attentive at all times

Remember, you’ve just gotten out of basics, so essentially, you have no clue what’s going on. This is foreign territory for you, and you must do everything possible to learn it by heart as soon as you can. Your supervisor is your guiding light- you must listen to him, no matter what.

Suppose he tells you to do something worlds apart from what you learned back in basics, YOU LISTEN TO WHAT THE MAN SAYS. This isn’t basic, and he’s in charge for a reason. Remember that. Even if it is the most strange thing possible, you will do as he says if you want to succeed.

2. Growth comes from learning

The free-promotion ride stops at the E-4 station- it’s every man for himself from there. If you’re looking to advance in rank beyond that, you have to excel at this, and yes, you have to be BETTER than everyone else.

It’s easy to say there is no competition in the military and that everyone is just there to serve the country and the people but, you better think again. What’s better than fighting for your country? Leading the fight for your country. Also, remember that you don’t get to stay in the military forever in the E-4 rank. After E-4, you have to PROVE your worth, and you can only do that by learning and doing well in the exams.

3. Stay within your boundaries

Remember, the line between being dedicated to your job and being a “yes-man” is super delicate- do nor cross it. Find the balance, and stick to it. It’s great if you’re more motivated and dedicated to your job than others but, if you’ve made it your life’s mission to follow the First Sergeant everywhere and volunteer for every task, whether big or small, well then you’re just trying your best to come across as a…let’s say a bit weirdo… And yes, everyone can spot one from miles away. It won’t do your service any good.

4. Gossiping is a no-go

Quickly after your service starts, you’ll learn that military boys like to remain quite knee-deep in rumors. What else are they going to do to keep themselves entertained? But, you need to remember that when you come to hear a rumor, it is just that and nothing more. Try not to partake in such childish activities as they can mess with your head and ruin your service time. If you happen to come across one, make sure to bury it right there and then.

Deposit Photos | Good soldiers steer clear of the gossip train

If you stick to these tips, you’re guaranteed a great time in military service.

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