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These Money-Managing Apps Will Help You Save Up This Year

Saving and managing money has always been a struggle, it is that moment that you would realize how difficult it is to be an adult to do all of these things involving money. Some people have a problem keeping track of their expenses, some people have a problem overspending, and some people have troubles when it comes to saving money. It is perfectly understandable and not every hack is going to work for everyone. The money-managing ways that your friends teach you may work on them but not for you and of course vice versa. In this digital world that we are living in at the moment, we must learn to adapt, so why not make use of technology to actually help you with your money-managing problems.

Money-Managing Apps

There are two major things that people find difficult to do except earning money, and those are trying to stay within the budget as well a saving money. One of the major reasons why people tend to have money issues is that because they simply cannot control of themselves whenever they shop, which then leads to them overspending and not having enough money for their savings. They are so many old-school ways to manage your money such as making sure to always have a list when going shopping and just bringing cash that is enough or getting coupons and taking advantage of sales, but it’s the 21st century so these things may tend to not work for some people anymore. Which is why there are such things as apps that could help you manage your money more effectively wherein it would take you to a whole different level that would benefit you in the long run.

• BillGuard

One of the most popular money-managing apps of today is BillGuard. This is basically an app wherein it wouldn’t just help you understand how you spend your money by breaking it all down to categories with its own analytics button, but it also has the power to actually protect your cards. This is the kind of budgeting that people definitely needs since it is free to be downloaded on both Android and iOS device.

• You Need A Budget

This app, on the other hand, offers to help you take contort of where your money should go. It is incredibly easy to use since all you need to do is to enter your monthly income as well as your monthly expenses and then it will tell you how much you can actually save. However, this is a paid app but it’s sure is worth a try with its free trials.

• Hello Wallet

If you want to go in depth then this app is definitely worth a try. Hello Wallet would help you individualize a plan for your financial health, so it can be a little more complicated that would require a lot of time to do. This is best for those who have businesses that they want to grow, especially with their net worth.


• Clarity Money

Another great app is the Clarity Money wherein it would help you when it comes to controlling your expenditures as well as updating and alerting you whenever you’re on the verge of overspending.

• Mvelopes

Last but definitely not the least is the Mvelopes. It basically helps you manage your money by letting you set up your own financial plan that is purely based on how much you make. Another great thing about it is that it would also help you manage your credit card bills and would eliminate some hidden charges. It could also help you with some questions that you need to be answered regarding money with their Certified Budgeting Coaches.

Significance Of Managing Money

Most people believe that those who know how they should manage their money, wouldn’t have a problem financially on a regular basis, especially if they have a stable income. According to one of the most influential and one of the most successful men in the world of business, Warren Buffet, money is just a thing and it should never take control of people, people are the ones who should know how to take control of their spending and saving habits. It’s not exactly rocket science if you think about it, it is the people who are making it difficult for themselves. Which is why being able to use these apps may actually help you, but it would always fall down whether you could actually discipline and control yourself when it does to spending and saving. Money is very difficult to earn but it is very easy to spend, focus on what’s best for you and you’ll manage to make it through.

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