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How Will Americans Be Affected By the Shutdown Of the Government?

Early on Saturday morning, the Congress failed to meet a deadline for funding a major portion of the federal government and sparked a shutdown. Chances are many Americans believe the shutdown is merely a squabble between the Democrats and the Republicans which will be sorted out soon. It is unclear as to how long the shutdown will continue and the only certainty lies in the fact that many average Americans will definitely feel the pinch as they will be furloughed from the jobs they are holding.

A sign informs the public of a temporary shutdown for the Library of Congress

The reasons for the shutdown may perplex many Americans who may believe why they should go through any kind of difficulties just to ensure that the DREAMERS are allowed to remain in the country. These are the individuals that were brought to the United States as children illegally and number approximately 800,000. Senators haven’t been able to devise a fix for this problem by way of legislation for the past six months leading to the shutdown of the federal government. Government shutdowns have also been witnessed in the past for different reasons but this is the first time that a this event is fueled by the desire of the president to find a solution to the problem of illegal immigrants within America.

How Does The Government Shutdown Affect The Average American?

250,000 Americans Will Be Furloughed From Their Jobs And Could Face Financial Difficulties In the Short Term.

Senators have been arguing about the need to find a definite solution for the 800,000 Americans who are believed to be the cause of the shutdown. The actual number of illegal immigrants in America exceeds 1.2 million with more people crossing the border without valid papers regularly. The administration has been demanding to fund for the border wall and strengthening immigration policies which have been firmly struck down by the Democrats. The Democrats are of the view that the Executive Order passed by the Obama administration to allow the 800,000 individuals who live and work in the country should be continued. The demand made by the Democrats is against the campaign promises made by Pres. Trump in 2016 when he had strongly protested against giving the dreamers legal protection. The present shutdown is the result of the disagreement between the Senators which unfortunately will have an effect on the average American.

As of Monday morning, approximately 250,000 Americans have been furloughed from the positions they hold because the government does not have the budgets needed to pay them. Many of the people affected are those managing their expenses paycheck to paycheck. These people would certainly wonder why they are required to go through the difficulties simply to safeguard the interests of 800,000 immigrants that are certainly a load on the resources of the country. They may even question why the DREAMERS shouldn’t be deported from the country and get life back to normal for tax-paying Americans who are affected by the shutdown.

Are the DREAMERS Responsible For the Current Problem?

Can The DREAMERS Be Held Responsible For the Current Shutdown?

The people who are known as the DREAMERS were brought into the country illegally as children by their parents or loved ones. They did not cross the border themselves but have managed to secure a life in the country with many of them even settling down to have families. They had been given a modicum of support when Pres. Obama decided to legalize their status four years ago. He passed an executive order to legalize these individuals without going through the legislative route despite facing objections from Republicans of that time.

The DREAMERS don’t have a country to go back to and did not arrive in America by themselves. Various governments over the years have never considered passing legislation to ensure these people were either stopped at the border or some method was adopted to legalize their status. That was until Pres. Obama decided to use his executive powers to change the situation. President Trump has been talking about stronger immigration policies and action against illegals in America ever since he was nominated as the Republican candidate for president. His victory in the 2016 elections perhaps proved to be a dampener for the DREAMERS because their position became untenable under the present administration. Responsibility for the government shut down, therefore, cannot be blamed on the DREAMERS because they just find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Will the problem last?

Government Shutdowns Have Happened In the past But Things Have Returned to Normal Within A Short Time.

Government shutdowns have happened in the past during which time taxpaying Americans were furloughed from the positions they were holding. They faced difficulties even during those times and were paid whatever was due after the shutdown ended. The present shutdown is unlikely to linger around indefinitely as legislatures are under pressure to come up with a solution. Taxpaying Americans will be inconvenienced for some time and even begin to feel the problem should never have been allowed to develop. The only thing that is a certainty in this shutdown is the fact that Americans would be hoping for the legislators to invent a lasting solution for the problem faced by the DREAMERS as well as illegal immigration.

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