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Academy Award Nominee John Travolta Takes Pride in His Aircraft Collection Parked in Front of His Front Yard and We’re in Aw!

Imagine the future where you can simply take off straight from your front yard to get pizza. That’s exactly the dream of the Hollywood star John Travolta. Well, not literally just to buy pizza but you get the gist of it.

A Childhood Dream

John Travolta, 65, is well-known for his classic hits Pulp Fiction, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, among others. Aside from his reputation in the film industry, aviation has always had a room in Travolta’s heart.

He began showing enthusiasm in aircraft since he was just a little boy. His mother, Helen Cecilia Burke, frequently traveled with her three siblings due to their busy schedules as stage performers. He used to patiently wait for the domestic flights to glide over their house in New Jersey, near the New York’s LaGuardia Airport ramp.

An aerial view of John Travolta’s aviation-inspired house

Travolta Flies High

Travolta first started his public exposures in several television commercials and soon starred in the 1970 musical comedy Bye Bye Birdie. During the bloom of his acting career, he also started his aviation classes. At that time, Travolta dedicated all his income from acting to obtain his license, which he was able to get when he was 22.

Driven by his passion, the young pilot astonishingly completed the 747-400 First Officer simulator training. He is also accredited to operate various kinds of aircraft like Gulfstream II, Eclipse 500, and Travolta’s personal favorite; the Boeing 707.

With fame being on his side, Travolta had the privilege to pilot an A380. He was the first non-test pilot to operate the said aircraft. Travolta said the plane is very pilot-friendly but technically challenging. Travolta gained numerous titles in the aviation industry, such as the Qantas‘ Ambassador-at-Large.

Aircraft Collection and Memorabilia

Travolta admits that he spends most of his time on air. He said he flies approximately 300 hours every year. He also owns multiple kinds of aircraft including the Boeing 707, Challenger 601, two Gulfstream II jet, Eclipse 500, and even a Soko-Galeb G-2 military jet. Travolta named his favorite B707 jet, 707 Jett Clipper Ella after his offsprings Jett and Ella.

John Travolta named one of his jets after his children Jett and Ella

It’s not always a sunny day in the life of a pilot. Travolta shared his life-and-death incident he experienced flying his Gulfstream. He completely lost power supply but was fortunate enough to land at Ronald Reagan National Airport thanks to his years of training and experience.

The aviation enthusiast, of course, collects airline souvenirs too. He started gathering memorabilia of all kinds, from 1932 up to 1975. Travolta is very sentimental with small little things, including flight schedules, food menus, fliers, cutleries, beverages containers, etc.

Kelly Preston supports his husband John Travolta in his aircraft obsession

Even when he’s not flying, he wants to feel the aeronautic ambiance, so it is not a surprise that the architecture of his home is aviation-inspired. His wife Kelly Preston has always supported his husband in his wildest dreams.

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