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An Alleged Cadillac Previously Owned By Joe Biden is Up For Grabs! But, There’s a Catch…

The 47th vice president of the United States of America, Joe Biden is known to be charismatic with a sophisticated masculine style. Parading with a pair of sunglasses and dashing attitude must have an impact in his campaign.

Joe Biden has always been passionate about politics since he was still in school

Joe Biden’s Political Dream

Biden’s political career has had a pretty great start. He became a Senator of the United States at the age of thirty, making him the sixth-youngest states-person in the history of United States’ politics. He graduated with a dual major in political science and history at the University of Delaware in 1965.

His first wife, Neilia Hunter is known to have had a very significant role in pursuing his dreams of making it to the legislative office. Biden was a varsity football player when he first met Hunter. She supported him on dropping everything else to follow what his heart desires.

Obama-Biden Tandem

Barrack Obama and Joe Biden won the 2008 presidential election

Alongside with Barrack Obama, he won the vice presidential seat. They beat the McCain-Palin tandem with a seven percent advantage in the nationwide voting. He was officially sworn into the office as the United State of America’s 47th Vice President at noon of January 20, 2009, by Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.

A Chance to Own His Cadillac

Jeff Finkle claims that the 2005 Cadillac STS he’s selling was previously owned by Joe Biden

With that kind of background, it must be nice to own at least one of his sunglasses as memorabilia. Well, there was a very great deal posted on Craigslist claiming that a 2005 Cadillac STS previously owned by Biden is available for purchase.

The seller, Jeff Finkle said at first he doesn’t have a single clue that a known politician owned the car until he noticed a couple of important contact numbers including Joe’s sons Beau and Hunter, and his wife Jill.

Is it True or Not?

Finkle never tried giving the numbers a ring, so there wasn’t any official confirmation that the phone numbers on the vehicle’s Bluetooth system are really theirs. In support of his claims, Finkle also added that Delaware Cadillac verified that Biden was on the vehicle’s record as shown in the warranty details as well.

There is a possibility that Biden was once behind the Cadillac’s wheels or it may be fake news. Either way, the asking price is $15,000 with a complete package. The car is still in a pretty good condition with minor repairs needed on the engine and shock. The exterior and interior are still nice and clean with push start tweeter speakers, Bose, and a comfortable temperature at the front and back seat.

Whether Biden’s association from the car is true or hoax, the sedan still holds a great presidential vibe anyway, but it’s really a big bonus having a famous political badge on it.

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