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A Breakdown of the Things Johnny Depp’s Multi-million Monthly Budget Goes to

The past few years haven’t been kind to former Hollywood leading man Johnny Depp.

His divorce to actress Amber Heard and the alleged domestic abuse he put her through led to the ruin of his public image and slowing of the movie roles he’s being offered.

And while all that’s happening, he’s also dealing with a lawsuit against his former business managers who he claims to have mismanaged his wealth.

$2 million Monthly Expenses

Fighting back, The Management Group (TMG) slammed him with a counter lawsuit and revealed to the public just how lavish and excessive the actor’s lifestyle is.

According to his former business managers, Depp’s monthly expenses amount to a shocking $2 million a month.

Here’s a breakdown of where his money goes.

Real Estate Collection

Depp’s 45-acre French chateau has been allegedly put up for sale along with some of his lofts.

TMG’s report reveals that Depp seems to have a penchant for collecting houses having a total of 14 residences all over the world.

In fact, they said that he has spent a total of $75 million over the years in the process of buying, renovating and furnishing all of them.

One of his most expensive properties is a $13.5 million chateau located in southern France. He also has a couple of homes in Hollywoods, a farm in Kentucky and some lofts in Los Angeles.

Fancy Rides

The 156-foot luxury yacht was originally built for Depp by a Turkish manufacturer in 2001.

Aside from his collection of houses, Depp also has a luxury car collection which TMG says currently includes 45 cars worth a couple of million dollars. One of the most popular vehicles in his collection is a 1959 Corvette which value is estimated to be around the high five figures.

But his most expensive ride remains to be his $18 million custom-made megayacht which he used to cruise around the Bahamas during holidays with his family. It has since been bought by fellow celebrity J.K. Rowling in 2016.

Wines and Collectibles

Depp is a known skilled guitar player and has even recorded two songs on the instrument for a film of his.

Living up to his bad boy persona, Depp allegedly spends somewhere around $30,000 in wine alone each month. His drinks cost this much as the bottles he likes usually need to be flown in from somewhere else for his personal consumption.

Another luxury that Depp likes to spend on is collectible guitars of which he has around 70. His collection is so massive, even rock star Keith Richards is jealous of it.

Aside from guitars, Depp also has an impressive collection of various art pieces and Hollywood memorabilia which includes works from famed artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and even Andy Warhol.

Squandering His Net Worth?

Before his current money struggles, Depp had a reported net worth of $400 million Johnny Depp stemming from his successful acting career. However, recent reports say that the number has dwindled to half due to his current legal battles and lost of income opportunities.

Safe to say, Depp is far from being broke but he may not make the rest of his fortune last if he continues his current $2 million per month spending habit.

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