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You Can Now Own the BMW 7 Series Tupac Was Riding on the Night of His Tragic Accident

Many fans considered Tupac Shakur as one of the most formidable rappers in history. He bravely represented the activism campaign against prejudice in the system. His legacy remains forever in the hearts of the people as well as his music.

The Las Vegas Shooting

A white Cadillac fired shots on Tupac’s vehicle on September 7, 1996

Tupac died six days after the tragic shooting that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. The rapper was out with his friends celebrating Tracy Danielle Robinson’s birthday when it all happened. On the evening of September 7, 1996, after witnessing the Bruce Seldon and Mike Tyson’s boxing match at the MDM Grand, a couple of unknown men in a white Cadillac discharged gun fires on the rapper’s vehicle.

A Death Threat

Patrol Officers came to rescue the wounded artists and rushed them to University Medical Center of Southern Nevada. The music director Gobi shared in an interview that an anonymous caller called the record company and delivered a death threat to Tupac. He immediately reported it to the police but no actions were made because they lack officers-in-duty at that moment.

Tupac Shakur died on September 13, 1996, due to internal bleeding

The cultural icon got a total of four gunshots; two went through his chest, one in the arm, and another one in the thigh. One of them hit Tupac’s right lung leaving him in a critical condition. He spent six days in the intensive-care unit before his body retired from internal bleeding on September 13, 1996.

After the shocking tragedy, Tupac’s family cremated his body one day after his death. A portion of his ashes was smoked by the members of the American hip hop group The Outlawz, founded by Tupac Shakur himself.

Tupac founded a hip hop group named The Outlawz, in late 1995

The Car Where Tupac Got Shot is Now For Sale

Fans mourned on Tupac’s catastrophic death. Up until now, Tupac’s supporters are relieving his memories through his music. Another way to remember him by, the BMW7 Series which he was riding when he got shot is now up for sale in the Moments In Time website for as low as $1.5 million.

The car still has the bullet holes in the passenger seat area where Tupac was sitting. The vehicle underwent some repairs, although the memories of the shooting are surely still raw on it if a true Tupac fan sees it. Others suggest that the vehicle should be preserved in a museum.

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