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Check Out John Cena’s Jaw Dropping Luxury Assets Everyone is Talking About

John Cena is one of the few wrestlers to have made a name for himself away from WWE, venturing into Hollywood and staring in a lot of popular movies.

In the ring, he is also a well-known figure with his famous fighting technique “you can’t see me anymore.”

The Prized Asset

But, there is an incredible fact about the superstar, and according to him, this is how he has stayed in touch with his humble beginnings as a rookie wrestler in WWE.

Apparently, he still owns his first car, a 1989 Jeep Wrangler, which he purchased with his first ever earning in WWE. This was as far back as 2001, 18 years ago.

The Jeep Wrangler was the first ever vehicle that Cena paid for in cash

However, with a fleet of cars in his garage, it is relatively easy to keep and maintain this almost 30-year-old vehicle. This fact was revealed by the wrestler himself when a mini-documentary was made about his love for Auto collection.

According to John Cena, he said he felt the need to show off his vehicle when he signed the contract with WWE, and even though the money he got were not that much, he still managed to get himself the jeep.

It was the first money that he earned as a pro wrestler, and he revealed that he still had to collect a few cash from his parents to add up with the paycheck. It was also the first car that John Cena ever paid for in cash.

Giving more insights about the car, Cena revealed in the interview that when he first bought it, the car had already 80, 000 miles.

The Real Value of the Jeep

However, John Cena has managed to make a few modifications to the car, and it now looks quite different from the version he bought 18 years ago.

Although he didn’t reveal the amount he paid for the car back them or how much his first contract was worth, it is quite obvious that if he is ever to cash out on the car right now, it will be way more expensive than the price he initially paid for it.

But that seems very unlikely with John Cena claiming that the car is one of his most valuable assets to date.

John Cena’s modifies the wrangler jeep from time to time

Furthermore, he claims that just seeing the car makes him happy because it represents a huge milestone in his career and he just might never get rid of it.

John Cena, the Auto Geek

Even with his well-known love for automobiles, it is obvious that he holds the car in very high esteem since he is known for selling some of his automobiles from time to time.

Just a year ago he got into a legal issue with popular automobile manufacturer Ford, when they claimed that he went against the contractual agreement that was made after purchasing the vehicle.

John Cena was said to have flipped the then latest Ford 2017 Supercar worth about half a million of dollars. However, he eventually fought against this by filing a countersuit to dismiss it.

John Cena is very popular for his investment in luxury cars

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