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A Delivery Woman Almost Lost Rita Ora’s Jewelry Worth $4 Million on the Plane!

Losing your luggage at the airport sounds terrible. But losing a $4 million piece of jewelry you don’t even own is terrible at a whole new level. Could you imagine how terrifying that airport nightmare can be?

The English singer-songwriter Rita Ora assigned a trusted courier to ship the singer’s expensive pieces of jewelry that she supposed to flaunt at Cannes Film Festival. The gems approximately cost $4 million. They must be full of glamour and glitters, judging from the price tag.

Misplaced Delivery

The special task to deliver the valuable ornaments was given to an anonymous woman. She supposed to transport the gems on air from London Luton airport to Nice on the 16th of May. With so much pressure on her hands, she accidentally left her jacket at the airport. Disastrously, she also forgot the luggage where she put the jewelry.

The plane already took off together with the multi-million-dollar jewelry back to London. The delivery woman’s regrets and disappointments must have returned to London on that flight too.

Saved by the Police!

Despite her head being on the clouds, literally and figuratively speaking, she managed to immediately report the incident to the authorities. Good thing, she didn’t cry for an hour or two when she realized that she lost the pricey bling. With the help of the police department, she was able to recover the expensive items. It could have cost her an arm and a leg, like, literally.

The Show Must Go On

Meanwhile, Rita Ora walked down the red carpet on time (despite her jewelry landing late) at Magnum’s Cannes event on Thursday, May 16 on an elegant white bustier dress paired with diamond choker and earrings.

Rita Ora going all-black in the 10th annual Filmmakers Dinner by Finch & Partners

She also made it to the Filmmakers Dinner by Finch & Partners’ 10th anniversary on Friday, May 17. She wore all-black attire by Michael Kors decorated with feathers on the sleeves. She put on flickering black footwear to complete her stunning black get-up.

Rita Ora Talks About Fashion

Rita Ora is known to have a unique fashion taste. She admitted in an interview that she finds it hard to meet designers who can work with her body type. She doesn’t like limiting herself when it comes to dressing up. She puts on whatever she feels like herself. It is very important to play-around your style, especially if you have a challenging body type.

Rita Ora never limits herself when it comes to the way she dresses up

The singer said she takes advantage of the time-to-time diversity of the fashion scene. As a public figure, everyone’s eyes are on you whenever you walk down the red carpet.

It is very important that you always look dauntless and feel complacent. We think everyone agrees that with or without the expensive jewelry, as long as you wear your best smile, you’ll look the best version of yourself.

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