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Despite Their Over $250-Million Joint Valuation, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Are Not Leaving Their Kids Inheritance

Parents will do everything they can to provide a comfortable life for their children. Ensuring that your offspring will have a better future is somewhat a continuous task for mothers and fathers, but it is  very fulfilling and rewarding once you accomplish the feat. This is not only true for average income-earners, but also for celebrities and billionaires alike. The only difference is that stars tend to have more money to spend on their kids’ needs.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s Net Worth

While it is true for some doting celebrity parents, there are some who choose not to spoil their kids despite their riches. Take for example Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, who have two amazing kids Wyatt and Dimitri. The stars met on the set of That ‘70s Show where their characters played each others’ love interest. But at the time, they were still young, and the Punk’d actor even admitted that he only saw his co-actor as a sister because of their age gap – she was only 14 when production began while he was 18.

Celeb couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have a combined net worth of $255 million

Having so much film credits and other investments, it’s a no-brainer that they are taking home pretty fat paychecks, too. Ashton’s estimated net worth is $200 million, while Mila’s is pegged at $55 million. Clearly, they can live a very comfortable life and even have excess for their children. In fact, they once bought their 1-year-old a $1,20-robo-crib that helps them get shut-eye.

No Inheritance for the Kids

While the couple is currently enjoying the fruits of their hard work, Mila and Ashton have no plans of giving their kids inheritance. In an interview with comedian Dax Shepard, the No Strings Attached star said that they are planning to give their fortune to charity. Explaining their decision, he said that their children were already privileged and they would like to keep them grounded unlike other kids who are spoiled.

Ashton grew up in a lower-middle class family and had since deemed rich people as evil. But this doesn’t mean they will abandon their children’s needs. Of their plans, he said they are willing to fund their kids’ passion project or investments if ever they come up to them with a good business plan.

Mila Kunis said they didn’t want to raise spoiled kids

In short, Ashton is being proactive when it comes to aiding their kids and not just handing them over everything they need and want. Mila is also down with this thought as she said they were being careful not to raise children who do nothing but be dependent on their parents for their whole lives. While this may raise eyebrows, their intentions are quite understandable.

Other Billionaires Doing the Same Thing

In this digital age where information is spoon-fed to us even without permission, people can get so dependent on technology and even on other people that it is hard to foster independence. Plus, Mila and Ashton certainly are far from being the first ones to think of this.

Bill and Melinda Gates will donate most of their money to those in need

Bill Gates, the second richest in the world, may have more money than Mila and Ashton altogether but he is not planning to share this with his and Melinda Gates’ kids. Instead, they wish to donate the vast majority of their fortune to those who really need it.

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