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Some Exciting News About the 2019 NBA Finals’ Most Valuable Player, Kawhi Leonard

After winning the last season’s NBA Finals, Kawhi Leonard decided to become a free agent

Everyone’s waiting for the final roster of the NBA teams for the next season. Some of the ace players have already signed their respective deals with their new and old teams. However, there’s one more big name in the sport that is still floating as a free agent.

What’s Next for Kawhi Leonard?

After leading the Raptors into the 2019 NBA Finals, there has been a rumor that Kawhi Leonard might join the Los Angeles Lakers for the next season. Leonard was hailed NBA Finals MVP with a total score of 732 points all throughout the 2019 playoffs. With the noise he created, we’re pretty much sure that his 2020 career will earn him a fatter paycheck, but the question is, what team will he be playing?

Is it a Sign?

There are rumors circulating that Kawhi Leonard will probably join the Lakers with Lebron James and Anthony Davis

On a fine Monday evening, a $10,000 bet was placed on the purple and gold to win the 2020 championship title at the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook. The bet raised not only the people’s eyebrows, but also the topic that it could be the most-awaited indication for the Lakers to sign Leonard.

According to Arash Markazi, the last time the Lakers received a $10,000 bet on them, they immediately traded for Anthony Davis. And because of that, everyone is now hoping that Leonard will finally join forces with Davis and Lebron James. The bettor probably has that in mind, or he simply believes that the Lakers could really make it to the NBA Finals. As for now, all we can do is patiently wait for the official announcement.

Raptors vs. Lakers vs. Clippers

Either way, Leonard has several excellent options for his career path. After being hailed as the Finals MVP, he can defend the trophy with the Toronto Raptors for another year or even sign a long-term commitment with the team. Although, there were hearsays that he was really hoping to go to Los Angeles so he can either join the Lakers or the Clippers.

Leonard’s NBA Portfolio

Kawhi Leonards won the 2014’s NBA Finals with the Spurs and earned a Finals MVP title

Leonard started his NBA career with the San Antonio Spurs in 2011. He was supposed to join the Indiana Pacers, but they immediately traded him to the Spurs on the same day they drafted him. In 2014, he led the Spurs to the NBA Finals and became the Finals Most Valuable Player.

He played with the team for seven seasons and then transferred to the Toronto Raptors where he earned his second Finals MVP title, and another NBA championship.

Leonard clearly has a promising career ahead of him. It’s just a matter of time for us to know which journey he will choose for the next season.

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