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A Fan Auctioned off Lady Gaga’s Acrylic Fingernail. The Selling Price Will Surprise You!


One of Lady Gaga’s signature looks is her monster claws. The American singer-songwriter is known for her idiosyncratic fashion style and peculiar taste. And a lucky (probably wealthy too) fan of hers got a chance to take home one of Lady Gaga’s trademarks.

A Thirteen-Thousand-Dollar Nail

Lady Gaga’s fan bought her acrylic fingernail for $13, 000 in an auction

The black glittery acrylic pinky fingernail fell off Lady Gaga’s hand in the middle of her set in her The Born This Way Ball tour in Dublin, Ireland. Concert personnel found a guitar pick alike item when he was cleaning the stage. He was vastly flabbergasted when he realized it was one of Lady Gaga’s fake nails.

Aya Fukuda, Lady Gaga’s very own manicurist, hand-painted the fingernail to match Lady Gaga’s Mother Monster costume for the launching of her Fame Fragrance. The glamorous goth-inspired nail artwork complements the singer’s extraterrestrial-themed outfit.

Lady Gaga wore the same get-up at her concert tour in Ireland where she accidentally dropped the fake fingernail. The born-under-a-lucky-star crew member posted the prosthetic nail on eBay together with photographs of Lady Gaga on stage, displaying she lost a fingernail on her left hand.

She Nailed It!

In the blink of an eye, the one-piece monster claw was auction off by Lady Gaga’s avid fan for $13,000. The seller included other memorabilia in the package, such as an event crew wristband, an Aviva Stadium staff handbook, and an exclusive The Born This Way Ball grey shirt.

Lady Gaga’s Success

Lady Gaga rocked her third concert tour, The Born This Way Ball with a total of $183.9 gross income

Lady Gaga’s The Born This Way Ball was the American singer’s third concert tour. It ranked as 2012’s top 5 highest-grossing concert tour by Pollstar. The tour earned a lot of applause from the critics. They love the totality of the show, from the stage arrangement, Lady Gaga’s amazing vocal aptitude, to the straight-from-the-heart intimate way of delivering a message.

The fashion mogul also created a fragrance called Lady Gaga Fame. It is available for sale worldwide through her very own Haus Laboratories label in alliance with Coty, Inc. Lady Gaga’s creation won several awards including, Customer’s Choice in Canadian Fragrance Awards, Best New Celebrity Fragrance in Fifi Awards, and Best Female Fragrance in Swedish Beauty & Cosmetic Awards.

Lady Gaga released her own fragrance called Lady Gaga Fame

What’s Next for Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga may not have cupid on her side these days as she recently broke-up with her ex-fiancé, Christian Carino, but she has a lot on her plate when it comes to her music career. Not long ago, Mark Ronson announced an upcoming studio album Late Night Feelings, which is set to release on June 21. We heard, there will be collaborations with other amazing artists on it, and we are all excited!

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