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Farm-To-Table Restaurants: The Ones Worth Checking Out!

Health-conscious people have gradually incorporated only garden fresh items in their menu, and rightly so. It’s actually the consumers’ growing awareness that has led them to embrace these local farms and the produce generated there, thanks to producers and farmers. As a result, a strong and relevant concept or movement has surfaced called Farm to Table. From consumers to business units, this farm-to-table idea encourages most people to buy and have food from local regions only, precisely close to home. Nowadays, restaurants have also embraced the Farm to Table concept, particularly because of the benefits derived from it.  Apart from taste and health reasons, there are discounts offered at times, too.  And not to miss out, it’s a marketing tool adopted by most restaurants to up the standards of the same old, regular menu. Here is a list of five such top favorite eateries:

Bardessono — Yountville, California

Eco-friendly yet luxurious, the hotel in Napa Valley, California adheres to environmental friendliness and sustainability. The garden has root production and herbs (worth talking about is 18 varieties of basil!) and is certified organic via CCOF, which has made Bardessono the first hotel having that status. The portion of land boasts of two orchards with peaches, citrus fruits, and nectarines. Then the black mission fig tree, pear trees, apple trees, and mulberry (aged about 30 years), and an 8000-square-feet veggie garden comprising mixed varieties of cucumbers, squash, corn, beans, and 300 types of tomatoes make the place replete with freshness. As per the chef, environmental factors aside, the ability to cook new dishes with these is a pull factor.

Trellis Restaurant — Kirkland, Washington

Known for making ‘agrarian cuisine’ for what is otherwise known as wine country-inspired dining, this restaurant is an interesting place as it has effectively combined sophisticated cooking methods infused with rustic flavors in novel dishes. The 10-acre farm subscribes totally to organic growing means and is home to red onions, mixed greens, chives, baby garlic, and mixed varieties of blueberries, apples, blackberries, tomatoes, and so on. The chef himself prefers doing the ground job since that helps him understand the rich flavor and texture of the food, and naturally, how it would serve the likes and dislikes of dining guests.

Rosemary’s — New York, NY

Right in the heart of Greenwich Village is this Italian restaurant that highlights the ambiance of the place beautifully, thanks to the creator. Had it not been for Suarez’ (owner and creator) mother, there would have been no inspiration to throw light on the rich heritage of the place! Some of the most authentic and seasonal Italian dishes are served to customers, blending herbs and produce from the farm situated at the rooftop. Then there is a wide selection of focaccia and homemade pasta, which is more of a homage paid to Sutter’s Bakery, the predecessor of the location.

Uncommon Ground — Chicago, Illinois

If there’s a first certified organic rooftop in the country, Uncommon Ground stands the winner. This place and its rooftop farmers handle their produce with care and love, even taking time to explain what they do and how they go about with the farm-to-table concept to guests. With solar panels installed, the rooftop looks amazing with its raised garden beds containing tomatoes, herbs, and a few other plantations. Not that it’s too plush but the concept has always been supported by sustainable producers based locally. The desire for experimentation has also led them to change the menu seasonally, and naturally, patrons experience a difference every time they visit.

Zazu Restaurant + Farm — Santa Rosa, California

A large section of California’s Sonoma County farmland is patterned for wine growing, owing to the profits generated, and of course, for tourism. The farm came a few years later after a restaurant was opened by a husband-wife duo who had immense faith in the diversity of agriculture. Aside from raising livestock like goats, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, pigs, sheep, and such, there’s also a fruit orchard of apples, pomegranates, lobes, plums, cherries, peaches, lemons, and few other natives produce. Even veggies grow like fennels, squash, kale, beans, tomatoes, and plenty of herbs. The restaurant is a big hit also because of the farmers’ market hosted on Saturdays in the garden, whereby the farmer and chef offer advice on prices and techniques of cooking.

For those looking to expand their business this way, it’s worthwhile to take a tip or two from the pros and then going ahead with the job. On the other hand, if you are a foodie, why don’t you hit any of these restaurants this weekend? How about that?

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