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Ralph Lauren Owns World’s Most Expensive Car, Here’s How Much It Really Costs!

The American business executive Ralph Lauren, aside from his delicate fashion taste, is also well-known for his enthusiasm in collecting rare and classic automobiles. He owns not just one, not two, but more than 60 limited, odd-looking cars.

The executive chairman of the multibillion-dollar enterprise, Ralph Lauren Corporation, never outgrew his old-time passion with acquiring exquisite four-wheels. He first discovered his deep devotion with vintage cars sometime in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Ralph Lauren’s car collection has its own house in Beverly Hills, New York

The ninth wealthiest fashion idol parks his $300 million automotive collection inside a $100 million carport in Bedford Hills, New York. It has decors of magazine covers, a legislative chamber, a studio, scale models, and a collection of historical documents.

It’s a $40 Million Car

The world’s most expensive vehicle is in the possession of Ralph Lauren.

Since Lauren started early in collecting models of rare cars, he got pretty good deals with most of his premium collection. One example is his 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO which he acquired for $300,000 back in the ‘80s. The market value of this gem went up to $70 million in today’s time.

The fashion mogul is very particular with the brands too. His collections are strictly from Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche, and Bugatti only. That brings us to his fanciest model, the 1937 Bugatti 57SC Atlantic. It is officially the most expensive four-wheel drive on the whole planet.

What Makes it Special?

Aside from the obvious beauty of it, is a rare find with only two of its kind left. Jean Bugatti, the heir of the company’s founder, Ettore Bugatti, originally produced three models of the Atlantic. One of it is resting in the Mulin Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the other was wrecked in a train collision back in 1950.

The Atlantic isn’t just about beauty. It is one of history’s fastest vehicles too. The lightweight Bugatti model has the capacity to reach the speed limit of 200kmph. Lauren hired Paul Russell and his whole team to reestablish the majestic glory of the car.

They were able to preserve the nostalgia as it still has the primitive interior. That includes the horsehair remains on the seats and pristine leather cover. Lauren still possesses the authentic EXK6 UK registration as well.

The Atlantic-Inspired Watch Collection

Ralph Lauren’s new line of watches is inspired by the Bugatti Atlantic.

With so much devotion to his beloved Bugatti, the Atlantic became the influence of the designs of his newest watch collection. The watches feature the Atlantic’s in-house reminisce. They come in black alligator harness, elegant Elm Burl wood dials, and Amboyna burl wood bezels.

Imagine driving around the city inside the Atlantic with one of Lauren’s elegant watch strapped around your wrist. Even just the thought of it feels so good, right?

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