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This Canadian Dentist Bid a MASSIVE Amount for John Lennon’s Tooth

The Beatles took the entire planet by the storm with their distinct futuristic style in music back in the ‘60s. People were so devoted to the four-piece English rock band that they would keep a towel with the band’s sweat as memorabilia.

The Music of The Beatles

The Beatles is a four-piece English band, including John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr

The Beatles started their musical journey in Liverpool and Hamburg gigs in the neighborhood’s local clubs. They played in the local scene for more than three years. The band made it to the international scene in 1964, and the rest is history.

Even after the death of some members of the band, The Beatle’s music never died. Their music forever lives in the hearts of the fans and continues to pass on generations. Some die-hard fans even want to clone them.

Cloning John Lennon

Dr. Michael Zuck plans to clone John Lennon using his molar

Yep! You read that right. In 2011, Dr. Michael Zuk, a dental surgeon in Red Deer, Alberta won the bidding over John Lennon’s molar at the Omega Auction House in England. Dr. Zuk bought the tooth for an astonishing price of $31, 000.

Sometime around the ‘60s, Lennon asked Jarlett to throw the tooth away, but Jarlett kept it instead. She told Lennon that her daughter is such a big fan of The Beatles and that she plans to give it to her as a memento. Jarrett’s family agreed to sell the molar before her 90th birthday.

The Canadian dentist hopes that when cloning becomes possible in the near future, he can raise a child with John Lennon’s DNA. Dr. Zuk wishes to make as many John Lennon clones as possible and have them start their own band.

Lennon and Jarlett

There are no solid pieces of evidence that the tooth truly belongs to The Beatles legend. The Omega Auction House said they trust the words of Dot Jarlett, Lennon’s former housekeeper. The molar is too brittle to be DNA tested, anyway.

Aside from the molar, Jarlett has previously bargained other Lennon’s belongings, including the jacket that Lennon used in the Rubber Soul photoshoot. That is why the owner of the auction house is one hundred percent confident that Lennon’s tooth is legit.

Jarlett’s family was hoping to sell the tooth for $16, 000, so they already hit the jackpot when Dr. Zuk bought it for $31, 000. The dentist is fond of collecting famous legend’s DNA. In 2012, he also acquired Elvis Presley’s dental crown for $10, 000.

Dr. Zuk bought Elvis Presley’s dental crown for $10, 000

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr might want to consider keeping their fairy tooth…

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