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Find Out How Much Money These Hollywood Stars Make Compared to Their Parents


Hollywood is considerably the present-day dynasty. Children, whose parents built a solid career back in their days, automatically have a jump-start to their own showbiz crusade.

There is no doubt that famous parents would like to see their kids shine on their own. We see a lot of Hollywood mommies and daddies take so much pride seeing their offspring walk on the red carpet and do what they love. For some reason, most of the young celebrities accumulate more zeros in their bank accounts than their wellspring.

The Cyrus Clan

Miley Cyrus had a breakthrough in her career in the Disney Channel series as Hannah Montana with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, in 2006

One good example is the American singer-songwriter, Miley Cyrus, who is eight times richer than her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. His all-time-favorite single Achy Breaky Heart took the outshined all other country songs for a straight seventeen weeks on the charts in 1992. His album Some Gave All sold nine million units, making him $20 million worth in net worth.

His daughter, also known as her character Hannah Montana, reached the mark of $160 million net worth at 26 years of age. Miley Cyrus has earned $15,000 per episode in the box-office success Disney Channel series. Up to the present day, she has built quite a solo singing career.

Team Aniston

Jennifer Aniston earns twenty-four times more than her father, John Aniston

Meanwhile, the Friends star, Jennifer Aniston surpassed her dad’s $10 million fortune as she amassed $240 million in net worth. Her portrayal of Rachel on the NBC sitcom gained her a $1.25 million salary for each episode on Friends’ last season. Not to mention the extra $2 million she earned from Netflix and the $10 million annual income from her brand endorsements.

Her father, John Aniston, on the other hand, is most famous for his bits in the soap opera industry. His character Victor Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives has been tied up in his name since 1985 up until today. He also starred in other TV shows like The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, and Mad Men. In total, he has earned himself $10 million throughout his acting career.

The Kardashian-Jenner Empire

Kris Jenner manages her daughters’ careers, including her youngest, Kylie Jenner

And of course, there is no other better example of a Hollywood family than the Kardashians. The “momager” Kris Jenner has a total net worth of $90 million from managing her Kardashian-Jenner daughters. She is the main responsible for producing all of the family’s TV shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as well as with the girls’ other businesses.

Her youngest daughter, Kylie Jenner has earned a $900 million fortune from her very own Kylie Cosmetics and other modeling projects. That is far greater than her mother’s overall riches.

We guess, our younger version surpassing the income that we earn isn’t a bad thing after all. It just means we’re somehow part of their success.

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