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Find Out How Much Does Tom Cruise Earn from His Heart-Stirring Portrayal of Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible Film Series


Aside from his timeless charm, the American action star Tom Cruise is widely popular on his role as Ethan Hunt in Paramount Picture’s action spy film series Mission: Impossible.

We think everyone would agree that without Tom Cruise, the movie series would never be the same. Unlike the films Spider-Man, James Bond, and Superman, whose protagonists are being played by different actors, MI’s Ethan Hunt is rigidly irreplaceable.

Tom Cruise refuses to have a stunt-man do the breath-taking scenes for him

Doing His Own Stunts

Tom Cruise vowed a part of his life for Mission: Impossible. He is turning 57 years old this coming July 3rd and yet, he still executes the death-defying stunts by himself. In fact, in MI’s latest installment Mission: Impossible Fallout, one of the scenes caused him a broken ankle. So everyone is curious about how much money does he get for risking his own life and putting so much devotion to the film.

What’s Ethan Hunt’s Worth?

Commonly, actors are being paid an upfront payment and get a percentage from the film’s back-end box office earnings. For MI’s debut in 1996, Tom Cruise reportedly collected a total of $70 million which is astonishing given the fact that the production budget was only $80 million.

The film gained mostly positive feedback from the critics and won three awards including the Producers Guild of America Awards given to both Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner for being the Most Promising Producer in Theatrical Motion Pictures.

With an estimated net worth of $570 million, Tom Cruise is one of the highest-paid actors in the world

A Well-Deserved Raise

Tom Cruise’s gross income kept increasing as the film series continued to dominate the theaters worldwide. He earned $75 million for the second installment in 2000 and so did with its third in 2006. For 2011’s Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, he took home $70 million and reportedly had an upfront salary increase for the fifth Mission: Impossible movie, Rogue Nation in 2015 of $25 million.

On July 27, 2018, Ethan Hunt made a comeback in the silver screen for Mission: Impossible Fallout. It grossed $61 million on its opening week marking the entire film series’ biggest opening record. The film reportedly earned $220 million in total, and Tom Cruise received an upfront payment of $28 million, his back-end deal cut unknown.

What’s Next for Ethan Hunt?

Overall, Tom Cruise obtained approximately $285 million for his portrayal of Ethan Hunt in all six MI films. That’s not the complete figure yet since his back-end income for three of the six movies is undetermined. Plus, the Impossible Missions Force’s prominent agent is set to take another assignment in July 2021 and August 2022.

Tom Cruise’s Other Action Films

Tom Cruise starred in several phenomenal science fiction and action movies

Tom Cruise proved that there’s nothing impossible for him when it comes to producing box office movies. He also starred in several sci-fi and action movies such as Vanilla Sky, Oblivion, and Edge of Tomorrow.

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