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Girl Power: Inspiring Success Stories from Eva Longoria that Everybody Needs to Hear

For a woman who has a lot of interests, learning when to say no is very important. At the age of 44, Eva Longoria has became a successful actress, director, producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. What’s her secret? As per the award-winning star, having the right mindset is key.

Film-Making Industry

Eva Longoria founded her own production company, Unbelievable Entertainment, in 2005

Longoria started her acting career in 1999, and then she decided to transition into the film-making business in 2005. She founded Unbelievable Entertainment and started working behind the scenes as a director and producer. Having all the creative ideas in her head, she felt limited being an actress that just read lines. She wanted to create and gain more control over the projects that she’s working.

As a self-proclaimed control freak, Longoria fell in love with the process of film-making. Hand-picking the cast and crew, building the set, and deciding on what’s the final output, felt very fulfilling for her. And the best part is, while she was creating beauty, she was able to provide jobs for other people as well.

Fashion Industry

It took Eva Longoria five years to launch her Eva Longoria Collection

But her empire wasn’t bound in the film industry only. In 2017, she also launched her own clothing line, Eva Longoria Collection. It was a long process. When she does something, she does it by heart. It took her five long years to learn all the basics of the business. Although sewing has been one of her oldest hobbies, she didn’t want her brand to be just under her name. She wanted it to be personal and unique.

She took her time studying the process, such as the timetable and the manpower needed for a single piece and effective marketing strategies. She’s not only a control freak but also a perfectionist.

Restaurant Industry

Eva Longoria admitted how difficult it was to manage a restaurant with her busy schedule

Speaking of being a perfectionist, the most challenging venture for her was the food business. It requires a lot of attention to maintain the consistency of the quality of the food and the service. So when her restaurants like Beso closed down, it wasn’t difficult for her to move on. She’s a woman that needs to be in different places all at once, but the restaurant industry demands a hands-on commitment.


And with all the success she gained, she never forgot to give back. Her Eva Longoria Foundation empowers her fellow Latinas to strive for success. It provides workshops and microloans to help women make their business dreams come true.

Eva Longoria understands the struggle in starting your own business, and her job is to erase all those doubts that hinder the success of her fellow women.

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