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Here’s Why this Million Dollar LA Female Broker Decided to Sell Her Mansion for $23.9 Million!

There comes a time in our life, wherein we have to let go of certain things, especially those that hold heavy sentimental value to us in order to finally move on and start a brand new chapter of our lives.

Deal or No Deal?

In Tracy Tutor’s case, it is her million-dollar house. Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles real estate broker decided to sell her phenomenal Brentwood manor for $23.9 million.

As shocking as it may seem, the seven-bedroom mansion with ten shower and powder rooms is actually a deal-worthy. The almost 11,000 square-foot property has a prominent attribute of contemporary and tropical architecture. Tutor said the house’s interior has her personal touch with the improvements of her designer Kristen Maltas.

As per Tutor, it took her and her ex a long time to finish designing the house due to different styling tastes. Judging by the finished product, it is remarkable!

Home Features

The exterior of the house is in full blossom with a traditional-style landscape filled with flowers and trees. The outside may look conventional, but the lofty two-story foyer will surprise you with an ambitious, elegant staircase.

The living room is Tracy Tutor’s favorite spot of the house

You’ll drop your jaw once you see Tutor’s glamorous living room. It is her personal favorite spot in the house because it is where she puts all her playful inputs, which turned out to be exceptionally dazzling. A multi-functional billiards room and a library with two swinging cocoon couches can be found in Tutor’s mansion too. A mahogany bookshelf walling gives the room an administrative atmosphere.

The kitchen is tremendously sophisticated too. It includes two spacious islands and a butler’s pantry with bleached tone and wooden flooring. The color in the dining room is the opposite; it features a dramatic dark wall with stylish furnishing. The 1970’s Italian chandelier makes it even more melodramatic.

The property has a large swimming pool and a guest house

The breathtaking features of the house don’t just end inside. The resort-like pool and spa is the focal point of the lavish backyard. There is a nearby cottage with its own living room, chamber, and chimney.

The mansion has several rooms with wide windows and French doors that allow the natural light to come inside the house. Outdoor living and dining rooms are also included in the mansion to enjoy the California air.

Time to Move-On

Tracy Tutor filled a divorce from her husband Jason Maltas in February, 2018

Tracy Tutor originally bought the property for $13.5 million. The famous architect Steve Giannetti designed the overall foundation of the house built in 2008. She decided to sell the property because there are a lot of memories with her ex-husband Jason Maltas that’s holding her back towards moving on.

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