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Home Sweet Home: 5 Tips On How Not To Work at Home

Different people work for various reasons: accomplishment, self-reflection, making them happy, and a sense of identity. Unfortunately, our dependence on jobs has blinded us from seeing that there’s more to life. In work versus family war, more often than not, the latter has lost.


The Problem

With the growth of technology and the increase in workload, we are forced to use our family time to cover for our never-ending responsibilities. This has led to the deterioration of our family ties in the name of necessity. Are we allowed to blame this on the mother of all inventions? For some, this is a matter of great urgency because our leaders can’t leave things uncontrolled, thus creating an expectation on people and especially women, to be omnipresent.

All work with no play has made Jack a dull boy. According to psychologists, the risks of a workaholic lifestyle are; increased mortality rate, heart attacks, depression, and reduced safety levels.  To avoid this, we have come up with solutions to work enslavement.


The Ps System

Ever been told that proper prior planning prevents poor performance? Well, planning creates a working structure to your day, maximizing your leisure time and improving health.


Sharing Is Caring

Have no fear of perfection- you’ll never reach it, said a wise man. Let others do some of the work for you, especially when you are in charge. No one said you can’t do it, yet it wouldn’t hurt to boost your team’s confidence.


What Matters?

Determining which is a priority, work or family, isn’t easy, especially when you’re a woman in a man’s world. If working from home is an option, grab it since you prioritize family more. When it’s not on the table, ask yourself where you are happiest.


Home Equals To No Screen Time

It is mandatory to be present at the moment. So when you’re off work, make a habit of ignoring texts, emails, and calls. People are smart enough to get the hint if your phone is off, right?


Mind Check

Nothing in life is real; it’s all in your mind. Sounds absurd, yes? Our minds may play tricks on us to achieve success in one area to compensate for failures in another. Therefore, it is vital to speak to yourself to bring to light issues you hide behind your work.

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