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Insanely Extravagant Things Floyd Mayweather Splashes His Millions On

Forbes reports that in the 21 years that Floyd Mayweather hit the ring as a professional boxer, the athlete earned prize money to the tune of more than $1 billion. That’s excluding his numerous endorsements and partnership deals, which were also worth millions for a man of his stature. They don’t call him Moneybags for nothing now, do they?

They don’t call him money bags for nothing

The now-retired athlete’s sponsorships came from companies worth their salt such as FanDuel, Hubolt, and Burger King, and with all that money streaming in, Mayweather threw his hat into the business ring. He owns companies such as The Money Team and Mayweather Promotions, all of which continue to line his pockets handsomely.

Expensive Tastes

For a man earning as much money as Mayweather is, you’d be correct to assume that he has expensive tastes. What’s more, he has no problem flaunting his cash for all and sundry to see, and he’s the very definition of “spend it like you earned it.” So, what insanely expensive things has the retired boxer splashed his cash on?

If you know anything about the man, then you must know that his love for music is undeniable. So much so that he bought a jewel-decorated iPod case worth $50,000 in 2010. He even had a chain embedded into it to keep it from getting lost, but it’s not like he couldn’t replace it in an instant if it ever got misplaced.

They say that time is money, and no one takes this phrase’s literal meaning as much as Moneybags does. He owns a diamond watch christened The Billionaire, and it is worth more than what most people will ever make in their lives. Bought for $18 million, it is unique in that there’s just that single one in the world. Talk of standing out!

The Billionaire; one of a kind

There’s nothing like good old ring-side support from your close friends when you are fighting it out in the ring, right? For the 2013 fight against Canelo Alvarez, Mayweather wanted to make sure that his close friends were present to witness his victory.

To this end, he paid a total of $605,000 for their tickets, and boy weren’t they glad that they were in attendance. The star boxer was no match for his opponent, going ahead to win the fight and pocketing $41.5 million while at it. The $605,000 was peanuts if this was his prize money, right?

A $220,000 Bet

Are you a gambler? Well, Mayweather is, and his bets pay off, or at least one did. In 2013, the athlete placed a $220,000 bet on the Texas A&M college football team, and guess what? He won! The fact that he put in such a huge stake means that he was prepared to lose this huge amount, but best believe that it couldn’t have dented his net worth in the slightest.

Koraun is used to expensive gifts from his dad

As a kid, what parents did your parents get you? They may have been expensive (expensive is relative), but they certainly didn’t set your folks back $20,000, right? But for Koraun, Mayweather’s son, it sure did. The athlete got his son a golf cart from Bentley, its cost not being a hindrance.

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