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Jennifer Aniston’s Charitable Spending Habit Will Bring You to Tears

While most fans look up to Hollywood celebrities in awe and admiration due to the glitz and glamour surrounding them, some people frown upon these public figures for wasting their massive wealth.

Most celebrities have so much money in their pocket that some fans speculate they don’t know how to spend it anymore, so they opt for building an impressive house or buying luxury cars. But not Jennifer Aniston.

The renowned actress may have had her occasional splurges when it comes to expensive hobbies, but she makes sure to donate a significant portion of her money to charities and foundations. Let us uncover the unique ways Aniston spends her money for good causes.

Establishing a Film Company

Many fans were surprised when Jennifer Aniston started her own film company named Echo Films in 2008. While she enjoys acting, Aniston reveals she also wants to produce high-quality films that could do well on the box-office.

Aniston can now produce whatever movie or story she wants thanks to her film studio.

Aniston can now produce whatever movie or story she wants thanks to her film studio.

According to her, there are still many great stories out there waiting to be discovered, and she can’t wait to share some of them with the world one day. However, Aniston reveals the main reason why she put up a film studio is to give newbie actors and actresses the chance to show off their talents and expertise and get the recognition and opportunities they deserve.

Supporting Food Banks

In 2009, Aniston revealed her plan to back a food bank called Feeding America for providing food, shelter, and clothing for the poor. According to her, she feels she must extend a helping hand towards those who are in need, so she donated some of her riches to help the organization feed more than 46 million people around the world.

On Being a Responsible Pet Parent

As a pet lover, Aniston also advocates for responsible pet parenthood. She reveals how her heart gets broken whenever she sees a stray dog or cat roaming on the streets as they get neglected by society. It prompted her to support the Best Friends Animal Society.

Aniston even once fought for the custody of her dogs with Justin Theroux after their shocking split

The non-profit organization aims to build shelters for abandoned animals and taking care of their well-being. They also promote animal adoption, spaying, and neutering of pets, as well as responsible pet parenthood. Aniston also adopted a dog from the organization in 2012.

Supporting Haiti

Aniston was one of the first celebrities who made major donations to help Haiti.

Aniston was one of the first celebrities who made major donations to help Haiti.

In 2010, a massive earthquake struck Haiti that destroyed the country with more than 160,000 lives and millions of properties lost due to the calamity. Aniston revealed how the catastrophe left her shaken and prompted her to donate an astounding $500,000 to provide relief funds to the victims and displaced citizens. Aside from that, she also participated in Hope for Haiti, a telethon organized by celebrities to raise more than $60 million to help the country recover from the tragedy.

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