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Katy Perry Fought a Long Legal Battle to Purchase a Property. She Ended Up Not Wanting It After Winning the Case

Katy Perry used to sing gospel music in her parents’ church

Born on October 25, 1984, the pop-rock artist Katy Perry grew up in a religious set-up in Santa Barbara, California with two siblings.

Both of her parents are Born Again pastors, and she used to sing gospel songs in church. However, this profile didn’t seem enough to impress the nuns that she was trying to woo.

It’s a No for the Sisters

Katy Perry attempted to buy a convent to turn into a private mansion, but the nuns rejected the offer

The Californian girl Katy Perry once tried to acquire the palatial estate that served as the home of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary for $14.5 million.

The sisters didn’t approve the reputation of Perry, so they decided to sell the property to a businesswoman named Dana Hollister for $15.5 million instead. The singer fought six years of legal battle against the nuns before she finally backed down.

House Features

We cannot blame Perry for wanting the 30,000 square-foot medieval-style Los Feliz estate so badly. The archaic building design of it is so mesmerizing, that even the producers of the sitcom My Name is Earl and 90210 rented it for filming purposes.

The highlights of the property include a prayer house, plenty of fountains, and a magnificent view of the mountains and the city. The interior of the building features a lot of gothic details like prehistoric narrow corridors and state-of-the-art ceilings. Outside, there’s a swimming pool surrounded by cherub sculptures.

Built in 1927, the first owner Earle C. Anthony sold the house to Sir Daniel Donohue in the early 1950’s then passed on to the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary after his wife died.

The sisters originally agreed to live in there together, but Cardinal Timothy Manning, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles forced them to evacuate in 2011.

Sister Rita Callanan and Sister Catherine Rose Holzman fought a legal battle against Katy Perry

As per the reports, there has been an on-going dispute on who the rightful owner of the convent between the two remaining Sisters of the IHM and the Los Angeles church long before Perry got into the scene. The sisters claimed that the Archdiocese evicted them because they had been trying to sell their property.

The One That Got Away

After winning the case, Perry ended up not buying the estate anymore, and it’s still on the market for $25 million. Perhaps, she couldn’t live in it after all the stress she got fighting for the property. Who would dream of living in a house with a lot of bitter memories in it, right?

Meanwhile, the Californian star owns a 5, 427 square-foot mansion in Beverly Hills, which she purchased for $17.995 million in 2017. She recently sold her Hollywood Hills estate for $8.95 million and got engaged to Orlando Bloom last February 14.

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