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Keanu Reeve’s Wholesomeness Might Earn Him a Huge Title of Recognition. Find Out More About It Here

Countless wholesome stuff about Keanu Reeves has been flooding the internet in almost all social media platforms lately. People can’t get enough on how awesome he is for simply existing here on Earth. Memes, blogs, and all kinds of appreciation posts circulated the world-wide-web making him the favorite internet guy.

Keanu Reeves for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year!

Fans suggest naming Keanu Reeves as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.

His fans went to extreme lengths to show their gratefulness for the John Wick actor as they recently filed a petition on several websites such as to hail him as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.

The editors award the title to a person or group based on who made an enormous influence on our world, and the magazine usually announces their chosen awardee before the year ends. Personalities like Barack Obama, Pope Francis, Jamal Khashoggi, and Angela Merkel are few of the best points of reference to better understand their criteria.

A solid fanatic of Reeves named Jackson Breem created the petition, and it already amassed more than thirty-three thousand signatures in just one week. Another appeal written in Spanish from Richard Salazar gained over 2500 stamps saying our planet needs more people like Keanu Reeves and that he has shown beyond doubt how positively he can change people’s lives.

Internet’s Favorite Boyfriend

People on the internet are calling Keanu Reeves, their favorite boyfriend because of his wholesomeness

This internet love for the actor first began when people started noticing Reeves small acts of kindness like not touching the women who ask to take a photo with him, buying ice cream to a fan so that he can sign the receipt with his autograph, and a lot more. These nice and genuine good deeds of Reeves gained him a lot of honors from critics and his followers.

What’s even more charming about him is the fact that he remains humble despite all the attention that he’s been receiving. In his red carpet walk for the premiere of Toy Story 4, a reporter asked him about how he feels about being the internet’s dearest boyfriend, and he simply blushed and called the craze as wacky. He went on to thank everyone for all the love and support John Wick and Always Be My Maybe received.

Your Past Doesn’t Define You

Keanu Reeves lost his long-time partner Jennifer Syme in a car accident

Reeves is the living proof that having an ugly past is not a reason to become a bad person. His father went in prison when he was just a little boy for possession of illegal substances, his true love Jennifer Syme died on a tragic vehicle accident, and he lost his dear friend River Phoenix due to an overdose.

The whole world is looking forward to seeing more of his amazing projects including Bill & Ted 3: Face The Music in 2020, and of course, all eyes are on him as he showers the world with his awesomeness.

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